31 May 2013

Sinking Feeling

I decided to play with a new product we got in the office.  It’s a super expensive service that Law Firms typically subscribe to.  You can pretty much find out anything about anyone, of course you have to have a reason to go looking.  Legally you can’t snoop on people.

I ran a background report on myself and my partner.  I was surprised that my cell phone number popped up.  It shows me as living in the house and reports that he is dead.  I looked for marriage licenses but our state isn’t listed.  I checked out the property and it’s showing up as in the trust.  What gave me a sinking feeling is that it lists his next of kin and his address.  I think that the union and/or their law firm has already ran the same report and are trying to make contact with the son, despite them telling me that I had 90 days to appeal.  Once they pay the money I don’t have a claim.  However, I think that if they pay it within the 90 day window I could potentially sue them.  I am letting the situation play out because I really have no other choice.  I want my lawyer to write his letter and see what kind of response we receive, if any.  Maybe a check will just show up, but I really think that this is money I will not get.  Fighting for it is an exercise in futility.

The good news is that his tax refund showed up in last nights mail.  I got it deposited in the bank this morning.  Got to get up early tomorrow so I can make the final mortgage payment to this lender.  Then in a few days I get to start all over with the new lender that the mortgage was sold to.  Holy crap!

There still are some small refunds that I am waiting on from the phone company and AAA.  After that I am not expecting any money to show up in his name.  However, I still don’t think I am telling the bank anything just yet.  Keep them at bay and in the dark until they absolutely need to know.  I just like having his name on the account, even though he is gone. 

Last night was not a whole lot of fun.  I got to make my dinner, had some storms and then a tree fell on a power line and we had no power until 1am.  I broke out my iPad and watched stuff on NetFlix.  My wifi is on battery backup so it lasted for a while.  When it went out, I enabled a hot spot on my work phone and used that to continue to watch Netflix.  I felt guilty for using their data so I kept it to a minimum.  I had to reset clocks this morning.  I left early so I could make it to the bank.  I had every intention of starting early so I could leave early.  Not so sure about the leaving early part.  Kind of depends upon who sticks around and if the boss man is on-line.  I don’t think he will be so I should be able to duck out early or so I hope. 

I have to stop for fuzzy food.  Not exactly sure what I am going to eat.  Kind of depends upon how the rest of the day goes and what fresh hell awaits me in the mail.

I did get a call this morning from his doctors office they want a copy of the death certificate.  I sent two copies to them already.  Hopefully this will be the end of it.  Sounds like they are going to write off his debt.  If I can just get rid of all of the medical bills it will be a huge help.

Get the house in my name and stop this legal battle with the Death Benefit and then maybe I can finally get through the grieving process and manage to move on.  There is always something to do, a letter to write or research to do I am just so sick of all of it.  It’s bad enough that I lost him but all of this extra BS hanging over my head is just aggravation I really don’t need. 

A week away from everything and everyone sounds nice and very appealing.  Regardless if I could get it off, I would still have to carry my work phone.  I just need time away from it all, so I can veg out and relax.  Relaxing is something that I don’t do well.  Give me my jumper a nice bed and some sleeping medicine.  That will make it all better.  I so look forward to bedtime. 

Work today is quiet but I have the boring task of creating all of the user accounts.  I have a hard time concentrating and doing things that I don’t like, but I know I have to get through it.  I have plenty of equipment to configure but I can’t touch any of it until this silly little task is out of the way.  I am just setting my priorities instead of asking my boss, it’s called common sense.  I will start on the configuration next week for sure.

The memorial dinner is this weekend, I will be happier once I am there.  I am nervous and feel like I will cry more than laugh.  I really don’t want to cry but I am a very emotional person and if it happens I won’t be ashamed of it, but it’s not exactly the most attractive things to see in public. 

Okay I am twisting my arm and going to get back to work.  Just 4 or so more hours and the day is done. Then we get that 2 day short break.  Then it’s back for 5 long days.  Holidays are great but they are a tease, I think we should have more of them.  More time to ourselves and less time working.  I think everyone focuses too much energy on work.  In fact I have friends that worry I will emerse myself in my job and become a workaholic.  If I really loved everything about my job it probably would happen.  However, right now I am still the same clock watcher that I have always been.  When it’s time to go, it’s time to go. 

Enjoy your weekend, talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

I'm a clock watcher like you. I figure work is just a necessary evil and I don't need to be there more than necessary.

I hope all goes as planned for the memorial this weekend. Sending hugs!