31 August 2016

Working Wednesday

It’s been a busy day, which I really enjoy because time goes by so much faster.  Attended a security briefing by Talos and learned all about threats they have seen in the last quarter.  The newest trend looks like it’s crypto locker, but it is not.  Your files aren’t encrypted the software deletes them.  The one word most every IT professional will say more often than not is BACKUP.  The more copies you have the better protected you are but 1 of those copies needs to be off site.  There are multiple on line services that will do this for you automatically and store your files in the cloud.  If disaster strikes and you have non backup, then your data is gone.  That is almost as scary as if someone stole your car.  I’ve not been the victim of car theft but I have lost data over the years because I thought it was backed up when in fact, it wasn’t or the backup failed to restore it.  That is a sickening feeling and also can make one very mad.

It was raining last night on the commute home, took the full hour to go from the office straight home.  I was not pleased but there was little I could do about it.  What I hate mostly is keeping my foot on the brake, that starts to hurt some muscles after a while, which is rather odd because I have to press on the gas constantly.  I would rather move 5 mph than not move at all.  At least at 5 mph there is some hope that you will eventually get to your destination, even if it’s a year later.

So I got home to find that Bear had made one of his messes again.  This was one of those times where he should have had a bath.  I did the best I could and he is pretty clean.  However, I believe he will be getting a bath Friday night because Saturday he sees the doc.  I keep reminding him about it but you know he won’t want to go anymore than I do.  Gator appears to have resolved her allergy issues.  No more watery eye and no more sneezing.  That’s good news. 

I was able to pay bills last night.  Had to split auto insurance into payments, which didn’t make me happy.  I at least have a little bit of money left to live on until we get paid next.  I also have enough to get a massage tomorrow, so I signed up.  I hope that she doesn’t make me feel horrible the day after.  I am going to get rid of pain not to get new pain. 

There is the potential that I will have to stay late tonight, because people are leaving.  Usually this happens on a Friday which is the worst possible time for it because who doesn’t want to start their weekend?  I don’t care because I get over time so I will happily stay as long as nothing more important is going on.  Which now that I have been on my own there aren’t many things that go on.  I am still eager to get home.  UPS man left the expensive food on my front step and I want to get it inside and see if Bear will eat the canned stuff and if he likes it just as much as the dry stuff. 

I made a mistake about Maggiano’s.  Turns out that extra container I thought was sauce contained a single large meatball.  I am going to heat it up and mix it in to a spaghetti TV dinner, that should make it enjoyable.  I had chicken with BBQ sauce last night.  Time got away from me and I was in rush mode to get to bed.  Bear wanted attention from me and followed me to my room to collect.  I was able to lull him to sleep and then soon after that I had to go to bed because I was wiped out.

Tomorrow is my last day being 44.  Hard to believe that I have been on earth this long.  Seen and done a lot in my lifetime but there is much more waiting for me.  Hopefully a nice hunky man in my future that I can make memories with.  With all that I have been through I am blessed in that I have a home, a great job which enables me to provide for myself and my cats.  I might not be the happiest of people but I know that things can always be worse.  Here’s to tomorrow the last day of me being 44.  I hope that when I turn 46 I can look back and say that 45 was better than 44.  Looking forward to the future and hoping the only place to go from here is up.  Look at the little things and they add up and make you feel blessed.

Now back to the usual drill.  Hope that all is well in your world and the sun is shining.  Take care and we shall talk again. 

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