21 August 2016

Lazy Sunday

Bear had a major accident in my room last night, he thought he was on a pad but wasn’t.  It was a big mess but I got everything contained and got him cleaned up.  He was a little restless last night but managed to calm down.  He did sleep in my room for a bit.  When I woke up this morning I found him in the kitchen.  He went after the (bad for him) dry food.  I guess it tastes better than his expensive urinary diet food.  I can’t stop him from getting into it unless I switch it all out to urinary food and that would be extremely expensive. 

I managed to snap my neck out of position last night and believe I have pinched a nerve.  My right hand was all cold and numb this morning.  Once I got going the cold and numbness subsided but I still feel a large pain in my neck and it’s a little difficult to move.  No doubt this is a direct result from a couple things … first the massage I got which has me knotted up pretty good and second dealing with Bear.  Hopefully it will go back to normal soon because this really hurts and is uncomfortable. 

I got my breakfast, hit up the grocery store and came home.  Lots of groceries today.  Bought gallon jugs of drinking water for the cats, didn’t even notice this was an option.  It’s only a dollar a jug.  I hope it makes a difference and helps everyone.  Got some frozen food for me and of course what would Sunday be without a pizza for supper.  I hate to heat up the house but it just tastes so good.  I got the limited special meat one that Tombstone put out and this time I will set the timer so it doesn’t burn.  Looking forward to it. 

I broke out the steam cleaner to clean my room, it looks pretty good but it’s still wet.  The real challenge will be to see what it looks like when it dries.  I hope it looks just as good.  No one will like the wet floor but it was necessary.  I should have really done the rest of the place but it was just a bit too much with my neck/shoulder bothering me.  I still need to vacuum and that will disturb everyone, the one that I want to least upset is Bear and he will run and hide thinking the noisy machine is out to get him.  He did let me take his temperature again today.  It’s a bit higher today but still well within the normal range.  I will be keeping an eye on this for the next few days, he does feel a little warmer to the touch today.  So long as the fever doesn’t come back, he keeps eating the right food I think and hope that we will be okay.

Back to the grind tomorrow.  Got some meetings and training to attend.  Hopefully it will be a calm but fast moving day. 

Not looking forward to house cleaning but I am looking forward to shaving and a nice long hot shower, hopefully that will help my neck/shoulder.  I did step out for a hair cut and used my birthday coupon for $3 off, which helped out.  Looking good helps you feel good.  I’m still the same fat guy but now my hair looks better than before. 

Off to the races.  Hope that your Sunday is going well and that your doing something that you enjoy.  Thanks for stopping by. 

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