06 August 2016

Gr8 Meal

Friday ended with a potential ransomware call late in the day on Friday, turned out to be scareware but it got me an extra hour and a half of over time, so no complaints from me.  Other than I got home late, but that was no issue since it was a Friday night.  We see scareware on the rise and have managed to ward off crypto locker and ransomware.  Working those calls as a team helps but it’s the code blue of my profession.  Exciting but it quickly depletes you of your energy and stamina.  Your trying to keep up with the call but doing your part to contribute. 

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning, but that is not different than any other morning.  It’s just that I had the luxury of sleeping in like a whole 20 minutes extra before I was serenaded by Ms. Gator.  Fed the kids breakfast.  Then I hung out on the couch and tried to go back to sleep.  It worked for a little bit but not long.  So I had to return to my room and in there I got to sleep.  Marv decided to join me and we got in some cuddle time.  Got out of bed by 10a.

Then I signed up for a haircut, got dressed and hit up the post office and eye glass place.  Then made it to the hair cut store.  I figured might as well look good.  Headed home after that to do what, rest.  Yep I laid down on the couch again.  I didn’t have to be up until 2p – that was the deadline I set.

So it’s close to 2p and I got up.  Got dressed and headed out the door to see pretty boy at the restaurant.  I almost asked to be put in his section, but opted to see what fate had in store.  Turns out I got someone completely different.  She took good care of me.  Meanwhile pretty boy was there and he did everything in his power to avoid me, or so it seemed.  I get it, he’s not interested.  I kind of figured that out when he didn’t call within a couple days.  I had a great meal and made the mistake of ordering dessert.  I ordered Chocolate Cake.  The slice I got was enough for 3 people to finish.  3 large layers and it was a giant slice.  I ate one layer and brought the rest home.  The sugar spike wasn’t good for me, but I figured why not it sounded good.  Got left over mac & cheese and mashed potatoes with gravy.  They will pair up with the BBQ that I have in the fridge.  Probably a meal for Monday night.  I am pretty set on having pizza tomorrow. I won’t be back next week but I will still visit, I mean it’s good food and you can’t keep me away from that.  I will probably ask for him next time just to see how he treats me.  I thought of offering an apology in case I offended him or maybe he’s not gay and just said yes because he didn’t know what would happen if I said no.  I don’t think I have to apologize but I would like to clear the air.  I mean like I said before I get it, he’s not interested for whatever reason.  I just wish guys would say no if that is truly the answer, don’t bait someone or give false hope with a yes, when you have no intention of following through.  BTW, there are several other hot hunks that work there, not sure if any of them are gay, but I saw my waiter from last week and he remembered me.  Wink, wink!

My neck has been killing me, so I pulled out the Swedish Back Massager that I have from Homemedics.  It felt good but also hurt and didn’t really do anything for my neck.  Now my back really hurts.  So I am going to shave, take a nice long hot shower and then break out the vibrating back massager I have from the same company.  Hopefully with a good nights sleep everything goes back to normal.

One other body problem.  My left ear has been bothering me.  It hurts, like it’s full of fluid or there is an infection.  It’s almost like a precursor to a sinus infection.  I do not need any infections of any kind, unless it’s a money infection, whereby I am infused with large amounts of cash for no reason at all.  Otherwise, germs stay away.  I started on some homeopathic remedy of drops, not sure how well it will work but if this is still lingering on Monday, I will be hitting up the free clinic at work to have someone check it out further. 

It’s been an expensive weekend already.  I bought more memory for my desktop.  I opened it up last weekend for the first time and saw that there were 2 open slots.  Well I don’t like empty, so I had to fill it up.  Small price and hopefully it will give me increased performance.  Then it was pen refills and button batteries.  I just got button batteries but got the wrong size.  Went to change out the one in my car remote today and the remote stopped working all together.  Compared the batteries and saw that I goofed and got the wrong size.  Finally, were reviewing next generation anti-virus/protection for systems at work.  One of the things that was touted was Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Software.  Everything else that was recommended sounds good but it’s priced or marketed to the consumer, it’s all for business.  I’d like to have one of them, but opted to sign up for the service.  Got all 3 of my systems protected.  In case your wondering I have Norton Internet Security, Malwarebytes Home Premium and now the Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit protection.  That is a layered approach, plus I use Open DNS.  I believe I am well protected. 

Had to stop for cat food and it was $42 that I dropped today.  Mr. Gravy is killing me.  I went to Amazon and priced it and they are more expensive but only by a few dollars.  Still money is money so I will continue to get the gravy food at the pet food store.  They are so picky with their taste buds and like a dumb ass I cater to them.  Most people would put the food down and say if you don’t eat it, then your going to starve.  Well a cat that doesn’t eat for whatever reason for more than 1 meal can get into trouble quickly.  The food is way cheaper than the vet, so I opt to give my money to Purina.  Big Boy is still flowing like a river and I gave him a reprieve last night, he kind of enjoyed that.  However, this morning was back to the routine.  He has cried out a few times for attention and he got his infamous belly rub.  I think if I was a cat I would probably enjoy it. 

So now comes the time where I get ready for that shower.  Really don’t want to take it, would like to put it off for tomorrow but I know it’s got the power to make me feel better and I am all for that.  It will at least relax me and who knows maybe even make me drowsy, I could use that to start on my beauty sleep.  The children are ready for bed and don’t understand why daddy is still up.  It’s a perk one night a week.  My body is telling me I am tired, my vision is starting to go and that is the first sign.

Here’s hoping you had an amazing Saturday!  One more day of rest and then it’s back to the salt mine on Monday.  More training awaits me next week.  Thanks for stopping by to see how my weekend is going.  Talk with you all most likely tomorrow. 

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