17 August 2016

Worse not better

Last night Mr. Picky decided that he only wanted a little bit to eat.  No matter what I did I couldn’t get him to perk up and eat.  He of course graciously took in all of the attention I had to offer him.  The purr motor was working overtime.  I found him in my room when I got home and that is where he stayed all night long. 

He started clawing on the bed just before it was time for me to wake up.  He also moved, so I figured that was a good sign and he wanted breakfast.  So I got up and fed him.  He didn’t eat.  I switched his food out for gravy food and still nothing.  So looks like his appetite went south.  That is no good for a cat and if left untreated can be a death sentence. 

I took the day off work begrudgingly.  I called to make an appointment, of course there were no early openings and I had to come in as an emergency so they could get that $107 fee for the office visit.  I never signed anything, which is abnormal.  I explained to the vet what was going on and that I am running out of two things … money and time.  She said that she understood.  They got my phone number and said that they would give me a call once they looked at him with the ultrasound. 

Here we are 4 hours later and no phone call.  The procedure was supposed to be done 2 hours after I dropped him off.  She also didn’t want to put a catheter in him.  I called for an update  They have done x-rays, put in a catheter and are preparing to do the ultra sound.  Since he is not staying they are doing their best to run up a nice large bill.  That is just my opinion.  X-rays certainly weren’t medically necessary .. you start with the ultrasound and go from there, that is a much more logical and cost effective treatment option.  So x-rays are around $100 the catheter is also about the same, tack on fluids, pain medicine and right now I would estimate we are at $450.  That is a far cry from $1,200 but we are well on our way to racking that up.  I’m just waiting for the sales pitch about how he really would do better to say the night.  I made it pretty clear that if they find something major all bets are off and were going to call it a day.  I really wish that they would honor my wishes, the last thing I want to do is fight with them when my cat is seriously ill and potentially on the brink of death.  If he dies it’s $250 just to get his remains back in a nice box.  I’ve done this all before time and time again.

I can’t bring myself to part with him but realize that from a financial standpoint it makes better sense.  If the bill is way out of my comfort zone when I pick him up there will be an argument, I also will pay by credit card so that even if I don’t win the argument in person I can always file a dispute and chances are pretty great that I will win, because they have nothing in writing about me approving the charges and they have no estimate to show, which is totally not normal.  I don’t want to do that but if they force my hand and try to rob me, then I have no choice.  The only difference here from a real robbery is that they don’t have a gun to my head and I can’t call the police for help. 

I was pretty empathic that this emotional rollercoaster ride has to end and the sooner the better for everyone involved, especially poor Bear.  I want him to live, to be pain free and not to have to deal with urinary issues. There are 2 types of crystals and what is formed is based on the ph of the urine.  He could have something different than what he had before.  I also have asked if the supplement was supposed to help him, why is it not doing it’s job? 

See what I mean about the emotional rollercoaster?  There is sorrow because I think I am going to lose him, there is anger because he shouldn’t be going through this and the vet is taking advantage of me.  I just want it to end and to have a sense of normal back along with my Bear.  I really didn’t plan on taking a day off work and that is concerning to me.  I am already in the hole (negative PTO balance) and this only makes me go deeper.  This is allowed and you can take up to a week of time with no worries.  However, when I need my time later this year supposing I get sick I won’t have it or have as much as I need and that is where you have a problem.  They frown on taking time without pay when you are paid by the hour.  I just don’t want to lose here be it my pet, my job, my finances or my sanity.  My sanity is pretty well gone but I know I can get it back but this whole problem has to resolve and stay resolved for at least a minimum of 6 months, otherwise I am headed for some form of disaster. 

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