02 August 2016

Play Time

So I kept my word and broke out the fishing pole last night.  Marvin, Insty and Bear were all game, as usual.  They each had their time with the toy, but were more interested in the fishing line.  Marvin has a knack for getting caught in it, last night was no exception.  We all had a good time but after I thought everyone had enough I put it away.  You could hear them hissing and booing me for miles.  Daddy’s tired, needs his rest. 

Watched a little Family Feud and then an episode of Untold Stories of the ER.  Saw a guy who looked like he was mauled by a tiger, turns out his hair got caught in an escalator and it just went on from there.  He was drunk so that didn’t help matters.  He was a bloody mess. 

I picked up a couple of individual slices of cake.  Sunday night I had Red Velvet, had to be sure I still didn’t like it and I don’t.  The Oreo Cookie version is okay but the real thing sucks.  Last night I had Chocolate Supreme Cake and that was some good cake.  Could have been a little bit more moist but ‘twas good. 

So it’s time for bed.  Got medicine and food passed out, lights off watching TV in my room biding my time before my body shuts down and I woke up it was really time for bed.  Everyone left me, I was fine with that.  Slept pretty well until 2am when I woke up and it was slightly hot.  I had some bizarre dreams again.  I wonder where my brain comes up with the material at. 

Got up this morning, had to sleep in a little bit and then got moving.  Drove to work in the pouring rain, traffic was a mess.  Had the same weather yesterday morning and I made it to work on time.  This morning I was later than usual but still was able to start on time.  Staying late tonight to cover part of my bosses on call shift, just in case something major comes up.  I hope it’s quiet but now I’ve probably jinxed myself.

Thus far it’s been a boring morning.  Getting ready for my afternoon of meetings and I am sure I will fall asleep at some point.  I have worked at places that love to have meetings and this is one of those places.  It just depends upon which department your in and the scope of your job.  My last position we had a meeting once for an hour every two weeks, you might even luck out and get a free lunch.  Now I am in meetings all the time.

Training will start up again soon, dealing with new hires and terminations.  That is the other half of my job and it sounds pretty easy but looking at the procedure manual it is overwhelming.  I have the bare basics of security down and now they are going to throw this at me.  I wonder how I will keep it all straight.  I am getting up there in age so learning can be a challenge and retaining what you learn, that is a different subject. 

Told Bear last night that his pee pads were ordered.  He seemed pretty happy about that.  He just loves to go to the bathroom.  He’s off the muscle relaxer and totally on the supplement.  I opened that bottle when I first got it and there was no odor at all.  Now it smells horrible, like I am at the deli smelling cheeses.  Poor guy he has to take it but thankfully he smells nothing like it.  He has voiced and continues to voice his displeasure at taking so many pills.  It’s a little overwhelming for him.  He just knows when he is done he gets more food.  That’s because he has to have something on his stomach to aid in the digestion of the supplement.  I am not taking any chances there.  Of course monkey see, monkey do so the girls have to have extra food as well.  It’s like I am running the worlds first cat buffet at my house.  They are all well taken care of and well spoiled.  They are all I will ever know as my children, might as well spoil then rotten.  If I get to live another live I would like to come back as one of my cats because I would know that I could get away with murder, not suffer any consequences, get free medical care, free shelter and a lot of free food.  Plus have plenty of toys to play with.  Why would I want to come back as anything or anyone else? 

While you ponder that I am wrapping this up and getting ready to go to the first meeting of many this afternoon.  Hope your Tuesday is going well. 

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