18 August 2016

Progress in the right direction

Bear is doing well, now peeing yellow which is very good.  He has a fever which is probably from the inflammation of his bladder.  The vet is giving him a new medicine they have lots of luck with getting rid of fevers in cats.  The draw back is he can’t have his steroid for 5 days.  The new drug is an anti-inflammatory, sort of a Tylenol for cats.   Don’t ever give Tylenol to a cat they can’t take it.  Not so certain about dogs. 

He is still being hydrated and they tried some of the special urinary food on him.  He is so picky he turned his nose up at it.  However, they said most cats don’t like it.  I am getting a prescription that I can take to the pet food store and I will be able to get him something that might be more appetizing.  I was also told that I can mix the normal cat food with the urinary stuff to help balance things out.  We need to build up the acidity levels of his urine and then he will be fine, the acid is what will keep the crystals from forming.  I hope this little adventure is successful, it sure is costing me a lot.

It was really nice to get out of bed this morning, not having to worry about medicating him and giving him attention.  I could just have a regular morning like before he was sick and I got out the door in record time.  I would very much like to keep that up.  I like normal.

Everyone is pleased that the dry food moved upstairs, so things have settled down.  Marv is still looking for his brother.  I don’t think anyone else misses him.  I am sure he will get hissed at tonight when he comes home. 

My prayer, wish and desire is that I don’t have to deal with cat health issues for at least 6 months – especially with regards to Bear.  I want him to be on the mend and over this hump in the road.  I love him with all my heart. A coworker told me that I have a really big heart, most people would have given up on him but I am at least trying to fix things.  I told my coworker that my heart might be really big but my wallet is empty.  It’s no joke!

So to try to calm down a bit, outside of medicating myself I opted in for a massage.  It hurt but felt good at the same time.  It’s not the wises choice when it comes to spending my money but it’s something that I really needed and will get great benefit from.  I was so relaxed I just wanted to drift off to sleep, but no rest for me it’s back to work.

A quick call to check on my boy and then back to work I go.  Let’s hope that were moving in the right direction and he responds well to this new diet.  Happy Thursday.  One more day.  Wow another weekend is around the corner, can’t believe it.  Looking forward to it provided that I can be lazy for at least a day. 

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