15 August 2016

Poke the Bear

Surprisingly I hear back from the vet quickly.  I was told that I am doing everything correctly.  The only thing we should add is fluid.  Of course that would mean a trip to the vet, then you can charge me for an office visit.  I thought around that and went to the vet and said give me the supplies I will ensure he gets fluid.  So they did.  I had to pay for it.  Then I went home to poke the bear.  Cats are so much more brave than humans, here I am a computer person holding a sharp needle about to jab it into a cat.  That sounds like a recipe for disaster.  Everything went just fine and I learned how to hydrate a cat.  Kind of interesting.  I was a little apprehensive but pretty much no matter what you want or need to know how to do is either on the internet or there is a you tube video for it.  I just did some quick reading combined with the crash course I got and all was well.  He gets a very small amount twice per week.  The one bag I got will last me a long damn time.  Now that gets me to thinking when he is in the hospital he is given bags of this stuff, makes me wonder why they want to limit it.  I guess probably because he’s not being medically supervised.  Give too much and you can kill him.

I called the pharmacy this morning, doesn’t sound like they are going to have the pills ready today.  I asked for 2 minimum and said I wouldn’t mind making two trips.  If I don’t hear from them when it’s close to leave I will call to see if I should bother stopping by.  I would be pretty upset if I made the trip for nothing.  The vet’s office called as a follow up, they said that the would call back next week to check on him.  Uh if this is still going on next week then we have a bigger issue I believe.  I can’t let him stay like this until then, it will have to be checked out.  Then again like I said in my last post if he was bleeding internally he would be dead by now. 

This morning there is no change, he is still his normal perky self but still dripping blood.  I had to put 3 different cans of food in front of him before he would really dig in and chow down.  He took all of his pills like a champ, a little protesting but we made it.  He should be resting comfortably.  I’ve checked the camera but he is out of view, either hiding in the hall, my room or under a couch.  I look so forward to seeing him tonight. 

I managed to get a great nights sleep, that is until the weather siren started going off.  Flash flood warning.  I would have rather floated down the river than to be woken up.  Happened multiple times, add in automated phone calls and weather sirens and wow who the fuck can sleep.  Still I had a dream that I briefly met Charlie Puth.  I also worked at some crazy place that was like a maze.  I could never find anything or anyone that I was looking for but I kept on moving.  Woke up feeling refreshed, which hasn’t happened in a very long time.

I am still nervous about Bear and it’s times like this that I wish I was at home with him.  I know that I can stay home with him instead of coming to work because that wouldn’t make financial sense.  However, he’s my baby and I love him.  I would never make it past security but would love to bring him to work there is plenty of room for him in my extra large cube, put down some food, water and pee pads I think it would be great but I wouldn’t subject him to the stress of traveling.  See for cats their stress organ is their bladder, learned that a while back. 

The dry food is downstairs, everyone including me is confused over that but it’s for Bear’s own safety.  He might want more but he can’t have it.  It’s very strange that this was a sudden onset with no warning signs.  That makes me question if we are truly dealing with a crystal issue.  The only way to say for certain is to take him in for an exam.  I pray that this will all be over with very soon and that he will start producing yellow urine, it’s a much better color than blood red.  Which by the way he has managed to stain the carpet but I am right behind him with hydrogen peroxide.  As you can well imagine he is very sore and tender but I have to try to keep him as clean as possible.  Such a good boy!

Well now back to the job, it at least occupies my mind.  Stay tuned for updates. 

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