05 August 2016

Yellow is a great color

As you probably guessed by the title, Bear is still going and going strong.  His volume level of output has increased.  We are starting to form a routine, so long as it stays consistent I think all will be well.  I stopped giving him dry treats and really took a good look at him last night.  It’s probably my imagination but he looks to be losing weight.  I am thinking of weighing him over the weekend, he won’t like that either.  It involves a trip to the basement.  I’ve got a package scale that I believe goes up to 500 pounds.  I have to hold him, record my weight and then put him down and weigh myself, then do the subtraction and presto we find out how fat the cat is.  I should really do the same thing with Marvin, because the weight loss on him is very noticeable.  I can’t afford any vet bills right now, still recovering from last months huge spending spree. 

The other bit of good news is we are out of gravy food.  It was a hit for everyone so I will be getting more of it over the weekend.  I dropped $50 last week on food for them.  I will have to be more careful this weekend.  We played again last night, everyone had fun but it was only 15 minutes because I had things to do.

Work well it’s work but I am starting to learn the departure process.  I get to witness the whole mess that is our card key systems today, kind of looking forward to that.  Never been involved with card keys before.  It’s exciting as well as overwhelming at the same time.  Wiped a phone last night and had to wait for it to complete.  Departures have the ability to generate overtime for me, which is perfectly fine with me because I’m here for the money – need to make more money to support Bears gravy habit, he’s got expensive taste.  Wonder who he gets that from?

Plans for the weekend.  I need to get my glasses adjusted, which means I have to wake up semi-early and take my lazy ass out of the house.  I am considering going back to the restaurant where the cute waiter works.  Kind of give it one last shot, if I see him then I’ve accomplished my mission.  If I don’t see him then I will keep going back until I at least run into him 1 time.  I don’t want him to think that I am stalking him that is not the case.  I am interested in his reaction when he sees me, that will determine any next move that I make.  I have pretty well written him off. Outside of that there is the usual laundry, cleaning house, grocery's and cat food.  Plus work in some nap time, that is always something I look forward to. 

Rough night last night, slept alone again.  Marv left when the girls did, I gave a last call for him and then closed the door.  I found him sitting next to his brother this morning.  Those two are really close.  I sense that Marv feels bad that Bears health is worse than his and he wants to offer his brother support.  Of course that is my rational, only Marv knows why he’s not sleeping with me.  Interested to see how tonight plays out because the door won’t close, they can all come in.  I imagine that is about as close to feeling what Noah felt like sleeping on the Arc. 

Speaking of animals, back to the zoo .. I mean work.  Happy Friday we made it through another week.  Enjoy your weekend, do something fun & relaxing because Monday will be calling soon enough.  Thanks for stopping by.

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