26 August 2016

Another Sick Cat

Really?  Yes.  Gator has what I believe are allergies or a URI.  One of her eyes waters and she has sneeze attacks.  Started last night.  I am not happy about it and I feel really bad for her.  I reached out to the vet, I know that I am overstepping a bit in asking for advice since she has not been in for years but my hope is they work with me and not against me.  If I have to bring her in, I will.  I just really don’t want to sink a ton of money into her, not that I won’t but it’s that I really can’t afford it.  Timing is bad!  I got some new cologne and she has been eating some of her brothers prescription food since he hates it.  Not sure if this is true allergy or if it’s an infection.  She is a daddy’s girl so I let her sleep with me last night to help comfort her.  I hope that this passes quickly and she is back to her normal irritating self, it’s what she is known for and I want her to be happy and sneeze free.  More importantly I don’t want this to spread to other cats, which can happen and that would be disastrous to my financial health. 

Had a personal issue to take care of yesterday afternoon.  Between that and the Gator issue I had some hours that were spent wide awake instead of fast asleep.  Really am lacking motivation to actually work today.  Counting the minutes until quitting time, can’t wait to get home. 

Talked with a friend last night, his wife just had surgery to remove a tumor and have a full hysterectomy.  When they opened her up they knew it was cancer then they went exploring and she was loaded up.  She lost 1/2 of her colon, some of her intestines along with some other parts.  They feel that this has spread but do not yet know to what degree.  They felt some lumps in the main artery that supplies blood to the colon and it was too risky to open it, they can treat that with chemo. They broke the bad news to him yesterday, and he knew something was wrong when a 2 hour procedure turned into a 6 hour procedure.  Makes for a long day.  I remember going through this myself and it’s no fun.  So my friend asked how long the recovery from cancer would be.  The doctor said well if she doesn’t recover from the surgery we won’t need to talk about recovery from the cancer.  Holy shit, he was in shock from hearing the word cancer.  Normally he would have bit the doctors head off but he let it pass.  It will take about a week to get the pathology report back and then they will know more of what they are dealing with, what stage it is and what the prognosis is for recovery.  I will admit right now things do not sound good and it sounds like this will take her.  That will kill him and he thinks he can’t survive it, but I am living proof that you can survive it but it’s no fun. 

I asked him last night if there is anything that I can do.  He said yes we should go get a bite to eat.  Okay, I am game for that.  Waiting to hear back from him on when.  I may drop in the hospital to see her, not 100% on that.  Given everything that I have been through it may cause a flashback and I might just loose it. 

My world is full of negative and I want to change that in the worst way.  I need positive and good.  Wonder if I eat some garlic if I could change my world?  At this point I am willing to do most anything.  I am seeking happiness and having a hard time finding it. 

I have thought about leaving town to get a bite to eat but I want to be there for my friend so I will probably stay close to home.  I need to get away and need a distraction from life’s issues as much if not worse than he does. 

Bear is holding his own.  Making nice yellow urine, which is very pleasing to see.  He is a tough customer when it comes to food.  I am kind of at a loss as to what to buy him.  He doesn’t like the prescription food but it’s what is best for him.  He has even turned up his nose as the Purina Focus Urinary food, which is OTC.  He loved it when the week started but now can’t stand it either.  He knows I am soft but I can’t feed him something on a regular basis that I know will hurt him.  He has to make the transition to the new food like it or not. 

Well off to the races.  Looking forward to being able to sleep in, if the children let me.  Hope all is well in your world and that the sun is shining bright!  Take care.

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