30 August 2016

Where is my Brink’s Truck?

Got to the pharmacy last night and they wanted $90 for 15 days of medicine.  I asked if the price went up, they started looking and then tried to tell me that I didn’t pay $30 for 15 days of medicine last time.  I said I’ve got the receipt at home to prove it.  They dug a little deeper, turns out someone made a mistake last time.  It was $50 now.  Okay that is horrible but still way better than $90.  I can’t say that Bear will stay on this medicine long term, that is a bit much for 15 days.  Add in this cost of special food, vet visits and before you know it, it’s like I am supporting another person instead of an animal.  This is a muscle relaxer to keep him from straining, if he is not blocked or close to blocking he has no reason to strain.  I’ll be chatting with the vet on Saturday.

Stopped by the post office and found out that my house payment is going up.  Not a complete surprise to me.  If I want I can pay the shortage now which is like $300 and then my monthly payment will go down.  Otherwise they just slip it in and that is why there is an increase in the payment.  It’s only $14 and I am still no where close to paying the outrageous amount I had to pay each month before the mortgage was in my name.  I have a large chunk of money set aside it makes the house payment and the loan payment for the roof, not too shabby.  Taxes and increase in Insurance is why there is an overage, otherwise my payment wouldn’t fluctuate from year to year.  I can also refinance and save myself money but I do not want to go through the hassle.  I will just pay the increased amount starting next month and call it a day, much simpler.  Perhaps if my life wasn’t so complicated with other issues I would entertain the refinancing option but now is not the time. 

The girls were chirping last night, each one of them wanted a piece of me.  Gator had to have me pet her, Momma wanted face time and Ruth wanted her back scratched.  It was a mess but some how it all came together.  They got what they wanted.  Even cotton ball Bear got some attention.  Marv slept with me last night but when I sat down to eat breakfast he acted like I hadn’t paid him any attention in a month.  Overall, things are still going good and I hope they stay that way.  The expensive food will be delivered tomorrow, just in the nick of time.  I am about to run out of the dry food they all love. 

Had my left over Maggiano’s Spaghetti last night.  I asked for a Meatball but didn’t get it, instead they gave me meat sauce.  Fine, not the same thing but it’s okay.  I did get extra sauce but didn’t need it.  So I kept it aside and will have it tonight mixing in some chicken with it, that should hopefully be good.  I believe it’s just sauce with no meat which will be perfect.  Kind of looking forward to trying it. 

Today is so boring here at the office.  Nothing really cracking and I could use a couple things to help occupy the space between now and quitting time.  I may be sorry I said anything but hey I would rather be busy than bored any day. 

I am staying in my cube (aka jail cell) and not leaving unless I have to use the restroom.  It’s amazing no one stops by to see me or say hi, unless they need something.  We can pass in the hall way and say hi but the in depth conversations don’t take place unless they want something.  Kind of sad but then again this is work.  I am enjoying the boss being out of town, things are much more relaxed than normal. 

I wish I could find a way to relax my neck and shoulders, that is where all of my tension appears to be going and by the end of the day it really hurts.  I slept pretty good last night but had a couple interruptions, if it wasn’t for them I think I would be much more refreshed.  It was a struggle to get going but I did it.  Wash, Rinse, Repeat.  Aka the rest of the week.  3 more days. 

I was a little miffed last night.  I got a call from a manager at AT&T who doesn’t understand my problem.  Trying to explain it over the phone is the main reason why I sent a letter.  You can visually see the problem.  Then I get a call from the bank that was illegally accessing my credit report.  They said they were going to block me from their solicitation list.  Uh that isn’t the reason why I reached out.  I had to call back and explain.  It was as if no one was able to understand my problems yesterday.  I am still speaking English and I don’t have this problem with people here at work.  I was seriously starting to wonder if there was a national stupid persons day or if I just started talking a new language.  Nope, it’s not me it’s them.  Still waiting to hear back from both and I told them that I work during the day so good luck reaching me.  If I really wanted to talk with them I can answer the phone at work but since both of them have the tendency to elevate my blood pressure and make my head spin, I opt to let the phone ring and let them leave a message. 

Tonight it will be time to pay the bills or as I call it give away my money.  That will be a little stressful but I know I will get through it.  I have been looking seriously at new cars on line.  There are a couple that I want but the payment at the retail price is killer.  Not sure how much wholesale will affect the payment.  Looking is the key to preparation, when I actually move forward and say lets do this.  Tempting as it is, right now I am holding myself back, it’s not easy but a look at the payment does the trick.  My insurance will most likely go down, I won’t have to pay to register two vehicles so there will be an additional savings, but I will be signing up for car payment each month for most likely five years, sad part is you can go longer to make the payment even more affordable.  That just keeps you on the hook for a longer period of time.  I am scared of making a financial commitment that is long term but hey I did it with the house and everything turned out fine so far.  Buying  car isn’t that much different it is less money and will be paid for quicker but still it’s a commitment.  Much easier for me to commit to a person rather than a financial obligation. 

Time to head back to the salt mine, email is starting to pile up which happens over the lunch hour.  Nothing major all of it is mostly junk.  People that send it don’t think that but I certainly do.  I hope that all is well in your world.  Talk with you peeps again soon.

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