20 August 2016

Turn Around

I got the appetite stimulant from the vet on Friday.  Came home and guess who started eating?  He never had the medicine, I guess he just needed some extra time which I wasn’t comfortable giving him.  When I shell out money I expect instant results and in an animal that doesn’t always happen, even thought I got lucky the last two times.  I was very pleased with him.  Never mind he was eating regular food and not his prescription diet.  He went back to the dry food again, I cringed but let him eat, why stop a good thing.

Today I went to the cat food store and got his prescription diet as well as some other urinary focused food.  Like Purina One and a couple cans of Blue Buffalo.  I know he likes variety and I don’t want to burn him out on one flavor.  Sadly prescription food only comes in a couple flavors, so I think he may get bored with it.  I got the small bag of dry food and it was $23, not cheap.  I opened it up when I got home and everyone wanted some because it was something new.  There was some fighting going on but I quelled that pretty quickly.  Bear seemed to love the food.  I know from reading on line that it promotes thirst, it’s got an increased salt content, which would make anyone thirsty.  He is now drinking like a fish. 

We spent some quality time together today.  I opted to stay home and not leave town to go for a drive and a meal.  I was lazy, took a nap and got him up on the couch where it was just the two of us.  He lapped up every ounce of attention he could muster out of me.  He was a little nervous but that quickly dissipated.  I think I have my boy back and I am so thankful.  I will cherish every day with him now more than before.  I realize how quickly that life can turn and one can be gone.  I told him to do the same.  Got some accidental kisses out of him, he’s not one to kiss.  He did rub his head all over me as if to say thank you for saving me, I am so lucky to have you as my daddy. 

I watch his urine output closely and pray that it’s only yellow.  I have taken his temperature this morning and it is normal.  I will keep an eye on this as well for a couple days.  He doesn’t like it but then again I wouldn’t like getting my temp taken that way either.  We will do the follow up with the vet in 2 weeks to see where his PH level is.  I hope that is the last time we have to go there for a very long time.  I hate that place, even though they have provided a valuable service I just don’t want to go back.  They should have something named after me and my late partner for all of the money we have sunk into that place. 

Bear is still a little demanding when it comes to attention.  I figured out that this is most likely coming from the pain medicine.  He doesn’t appear to be in pain so I have stopped that in the hopes that it will flush out of his system and he will return more to his normal self.  Of course if he shows signs of pain I will start back up.  It’s not cheap stuff either, I get a very small amount of liquid and it’s like $42.  Wish I had something that would make me feel that good and was legal. 

I am trying to have a semi-normal weekend and wind down.  Next week will be stressful for me but for a very different reason.  I pray that my Bear is over the hump and that with the diet his body no longer will form crystals or anything else that will work against him.  Poor guy has been through far too much and he has never done anything to anyone, which makes it hard to comprehend why he has to go through this. 

This is the happiest I have been in days and pray that it continues.  Take care and I will be in touch!

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