23 August 2016

Brinks Truck Bear

I believe I should change his name to Brinks Truck, because that is what I need when it comes to paying for his health care.  I stopped in for food just for him and no one else.  I left $21 poorer and odds are he will go through what I bought in a weeks time.  He seems to like the Purina Focus food, it’s OTC but is formulated for urinary health.  A fancy feast size can costs $1.20 when fancy feast only costs 85 cents.  So long as he eats it I’m as happy as I can be. 

He was a good boy yesterday.  He begs now to have me change his food, he wants what the girls have or something else but the diet food is horrible.  Yeah well it’s all you get.  I try to stick with stuff that I know has gravy or juice that usually equals a win, meaning he will eat it.

The vet reached out yesterday to let me know that they will be changing his diet long term.  Right now he is on C/D and S/D but he will be going to a W/D.  Those other foods are great for the crystals but they pack on the weight so switching him to W/D will help with both weight and crystals.  Right now I am happy where he is at.  This special food stuff is like alphabet soup.  You start looking for your letters and before you know it they all blend together, you have to stop look at the prescription card and start over. 

He feels a little warm but still no fever.  Were both happy about that.  I get to check him again tonight and were both going to hate it.  He is back to forming stool which is odd because he got his last antibiotic last night.  Really think he is out of the woods but I don’t want to say that too loudly.  I am still very cautious when it comes to his health. 

I had a normal evening last night, with a couple exceptions.  At least I am not all stressed out.  I still worry about him and us parting ways.  However, if each of us do our part then he should be fine.  My part is to get him the prescription food and his part is eating the food. 

My neck and shoulders feel better, still in some pain.  I opted not to ice last night and probably should have not passed up the opportunity.  Finished the pizza last night. BBQ & Potato Salad tonight. 

Still looking forward to the weekend, but we have 3 more days to go.  Momma was puking last night.  I can’t deal with another sick cat right now.  Have to watch a little closer to make sure that all of the children are eating.  Happy Tuesday I am off to join a meeting. 

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Jude said...

I don't know if this will help or not, but one of my sister's older dogs starting refusing her special dry food. So my sister put a bit of warm water in it and after a few minutes the food was soft and the water made a sort of "gravy". The dog loved it and always ate it that way.

Good luck!