01 August 2016

Whirlwind Monday

It started off like any other Monday, made it through most of the morning and then something major happened.  We were in Crisis mode and there went my lunch hour.  Then I got tagged with a follow up task and finally after almost 2 hours of being on the phone we got to end the call and the crisis was resolved.  Phew, time for a bathroom break and then grabbed a quick bite.  Then back to work. 

The bad news is that I missed my full lunch hour.  The good news is that I get to charge the company for not having lunch and earn an extra hours pay.  I am bushed and it doesn’t help that in every conversation I have had with my boss today he is constantly yawning.  He is married, has a family and is 5 years younger than me, but look at him and you couldn’t tell that.  Pressure, time and stress have all aged him way beyond what his present age is.  He was a little snippy today.  I hope that he gets a good nights rest because it sounds like he needs it. 

Things are good at home.  Placed another Amazon order for pee pads this morning.  Bear is really going through them.  If this keeps up I will need my own pee pad factory or a reusable solution.  I know they make reusable pads but then I would be stuck doing laundry.  I like the idea of grabbing them and trashing them once they are used.  I only hope that Amazon ships them by UPS.

I’ve been fighting with the USPS website.  They have a feature called My USPS where you can get notifications about packages coming to you and you don’t need to know tracking numbers.  You have to authenticate that you are who you are purporting to be.  To do this they ask you questions from your credit bureau report.  I have given them correct answers but they keep telling me that they can’t authenticate me.  I reached out to them via email letting them know that I had tried several times to no avail.  Now get a load of this.  Their response was try again or visit your local post office.  I have tried again and again and again but got no where.  Odds are pretty great if I go to my local post office they will tell me to talk with the online help desk, which is what I did.  I’d like the feature but honestly it’s just too much aggravation.  I am not one for chasing my tail.  I did sent them a colorful response to which I have received no reply and suspect that I won’t.  Why can’t customer service provide customer service when you need it.  The world would be such a better place!

Nothing on TV tonight.  Thinking of breaking out the fishing pole and playing with the cats.  It’s got a cat toy on it that they love to try to fight with.  It’s entertaining for everyone.  Outside of that fixing something good to eat and relaxing.  Looking forward to getting undressed and lounging – that is what I do best. 

Well back to the daily grind before it’s time to go play in traffic.  Allergies have picked up a little bit.  Outside of that everything is status quo.  Hope all went well for you on this Monday. 

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