28 August 2016

Sneezy Gator

Ever seen a sneezing gator?  Yeah as in alligator.  I was trying to picture that when I saw Insty (Gator) sneeze.  Vet said that 1/2 a tab of Zyrtec would take care of her.  If I take a whole pill I will be out like a light in a couple hours.  I get knocked down by taking 1/2 a tablet.  They actually make it in 10 and 5mg tablets.  If you want 5mg you have to buy it from Canada, it’s not available in the US that I know of.  However, you could always cut the tablet in 1/2.  I put flea medicine on her and that seemed to help.  Trying to pill her with Zyrtec well that was really bad.  Her and her sister do not take pills.  The rest of the family is fine but those two girls, you need an injectable or else your going to go through hell.  I got the job done but she hated me for it.  She is better and were back to being buddies. 

Bear is really crunching away at this new dry food I got him.  $21 for the bag by mail order.  I put in an order for another bag and also a case of wet food.  Now that’s $68 for both I pray that he likes the canned food.  Since Friday no matter what I put in front of him he turns his nose up at it.  He wants his new dry food and his water.  I’m thinking I bought a case of wet cat food and it’s going to go to waste.  However, I will remain optimistic.  He has his vet appointment scheduled for next Saturday @ 9:30a to get his urine PH measured, if he keeps crunching away I think everything will be fine.  He is going to the bathroom in normal amounts so I am pleased.  Plus his coat has changed, it’s super soft now and it’s very enjoyable to pet him.  He was kind of soft before but not super soft. 

Momma or Marv are having stomach issues.  One of them is crapping in the hallway outside of the litter box.  They have to let me know there is a problem but I wish they went different colors so it would make it easy to determine who did what where.  So I medicate them both and both are unhappy with me for a while, as they slobber away the medicine. 

Saturday I went to see my friend in the hospital.  Turns out the hospital is close to a burger place we used to go to.  I thought about stopping by but when I was done I was dead tired so I headed home and took a nap.  Anyway, visiting was nice.  She was talking normally but had an NG tube in and that was horrible to watch.  We chatted up a bit and then she started to fade away.  I had been there an hour easily so that made it worth traveling the 30 miles one way.  I told her I was leaving and to get well.  They are still waiting for the pathology report to come back to see what type of cancer she has and how they are going to treat it.  Hopefully this week will bring answers to those questions.

Her husband called me and were going to supper tonight (Sunday) at Maggiano’s.  I’ve got a $10 coupon so long as we spend $30 and he loves to drink so that shouldn’t be a problem.  When I got the coupon I thought I would never be able to use it because it’s not valid on Saturdays.  I don’t normally go out on a Sunday for dinner, but I am making an exception because of who it is and the circumstances.  I have to hustle to get things done around here.  Plus I need to check the air in my tires, the car has been in the driveway all morning long.  So I am sure it will be nice and hot.  Looking forward to the food and company.

I was up until 1a and spent the bulk of my time in the basement in front of the computer taking care of business.  Had a couple letters to write to get some issues addressed.  I have had an issue with Uverse in that they are allowing calls to slip through that say UNAVAILBLE for both the name and number.  Friday they told me that I was right and they shouldn’t be slipping by.  Saturday they called back and said nope everything is working as designed.  Piece of shit, it never did it before but now all of a sudden it started.  So the only thing I knew to do was revert back to You Mail.  It’s a voice mail service that is free, but if you pay for a subscription you get to unlock a lot more features.  It works primarily with cell phones.  I had to trick it to thinking my home phone was a cell phone and it worked.  1 mailbox for 2 phones.  I had to sign up for the Business Plan at $10 per month.  There goes that $10 a month discount.  One of the many features that You Mail provides is they police spammers, telemarketers, and general junk callers.  You have settings to control how aggressive they are and I set mine to high.  So when they call and get voice mail they won’t hear my normal greeting, they will instead hear a disconnected recording and will think my number is not in service.  You also have a personal blacklist that you can place people on.  They call, you ignore the call and then they hear a greeting that tells them you don’t want to talk to them anymore.  They also just started to provide a new phone number for you to give out, you can call forward it to any number or make it go to your You Mail.  That will be great for dating or if I ever decide to sell some of this crap I have around here.  I like their service and wish that they emitted a tone and could make my voice mail light go on.  Oh plus they notify you when you missed a call but no message was left, that can come in handy as well.  Long story short I like You Mail, I have used them before but reverted back because I hate paying for voice mail even though they do a little more than traditional vm.  Not sure where things will go, kind of depends upon my call volume and what gets by the AT&T spam filter. 

Been thinking about my Mom lately and of course that caused her to call.  I didn’t answer the phone and let her leave a message.  I am pretty well on the fence right now as far as cutting ties with family.  I think it’s the right thing to do but am having a hard time letting go.  I shouldn’t considering what I have been put through but after all it is family.  My birthday is Friday and I am sure that is one of the many reason why she reached out.  It will be interesting to see what reaction I get.  I suspect my mom will call back and leave a message saying happy birthday, call me back.  My brother on the other hand won’t do anything.  Now if they were living together, she would make him buy a card, sign it and mail it to me.  Since that isn’t the case he won’t do anything.  Even if I wished him a happy birthday the prior year.  He’s made it very clear since we were young that he isn’t the type to reach out just to say happy birthday, merry Christmas, kiss my ass or anything.  Which causes me to question how much he loves me.  I’ve been the older protective brother and gone to bat for him many times.  He never does anything like that for me.  See what I mean the decision should be obvious.  It’s just once you go down that road and cut people off, you can’t have remorse and go back, because chances are they will have written you off as well.  I am however keeping my distance from my family at the moment, I don’t want to be around them or even in close proximity to them.  

I found out that a friends grandson is attending at the college by my house.  I worked on his pc before and he knows me.  Not sure if he knows I am gay.  He’s a hot young man and has a girlfriend although that doesn’t mean anything today.  Yes, he makes me horny.  I opted to reach out to him and let him know that if he needed anything to holler as I was close by.  I got a response from him this morning, which totally made my day.  He’s grateful that I reached out.  I doubt that he takes me up on the offer.  I know that when your young, you make mistakes both large and small.  So I am trying to be a friend and only a friend.  Yes I would like to get him in bed but I am not going to ruin a friendship for a few minutes of pleasure.  It would be very interesting if he showed up on any of the dating apps I use that too is doubtful.

While I am lonely, horny and would love some dick … I somehow suppress those feelings.  I have a passion for helping others and that makes me feel good.  My problem is that I put others in front and ahead of me and that isn’t fair to me.  Be it an animal or a person I think everything and everyone is more important than me or my needs.  I hate that but I picked that up from my grandmother, she did the same damn thing.  It makes you quite unhappy in the end.  So I am working towards putting myself first and then trying to help others.  Of course when it comes to my cats, they are my family and that does come before me or my needs, but there is a limit to that. 

Earlier I was laying on the couch trying to nap and thinking, wow I am glad things have calmed down and were back to a state of ‘normal’.  I pray that it lasts for a long time.  I like calm and quiet it works well for me.  I see were rapidly approaching another payday, let’s hope I don’t screw up when I go to pay my bills.  Lord knows I have enough of them waiting to be paid, I just hope there is enough money to go around and that I don’t have to cut corners to make ends meet.  The payday in the middle of the month I have a lot left over, but not so much so at the end.  So glad I have yet to take the plunge into car payments, but that too is coming. 

I hope that you have had a great weekend, that it’s been peace & quiet.  Were rapidly coming closer to Fall.  That means cooler temps, getting darker quicker (sucks, I hate driving in the dark) and of course Pumpkin everything.  I am in no hurry for Winter, but Fall is okay.  The only good thing about Winter is it can produce a huge mess and has the potential to either get me out of the office early or keep me at home, depending upon how bad it is.  So lots to look forward to.

Now I am off to clean this place up, looks like a tornado went through the kitchen.  Cat food is everywhere.  Those little monsters love to make a mess and they are not neat eaters, I don’t care what anyone says.  Then a nice shave, shower and hopefully a little bit of time to relax before I have to venture out for my evening meet up.  I hope that I will be home by 8p at the latest, because Monday morning will come beckoning quickly.  Take care, be well and as per usual we shall talk again soon.  Appreciate you stopping by to check in. 

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