19 August 2016

Back Home

My boy is back home but he’s not exactly the same.  I feel like I go a different cat, but I know that is not the case.  He was so quiet going to the car and he talked a little bit on the short drive home.  Once we got in the house he was talking to beat the band and that is so unlike him.  I gave him some of the special new food he is supposed to have but he turned his nose up at it.  I mixed in some of the regular food but that didn’t help.  I gave him some gravy, he lapped up a little but in general was not interested in food at all.  He needed attention like every 5 minutes and he drove me crazy. 

He is back to producing yellow urine, not sure how long that will last.  The thought process is it will continue but only on the special food.  I have to go to the pet food store this weekend with my prescription and see what I can get him. I will buy enough for a week and see how things go. 

He kept me up a good part of the night because he needed a belly rub, a pat on the back and general attention.  If I would start to fall asleep, he would wake me up.  I spent a little bit of time with him and was able to return to bed, he let me fall asleep for an hour and then started in again.  I asked for a break but he wasn’t giving me one, I just started to fall back asleep when he woke me up and I got a Charlie Horse so I was up.  He wanted out of my room, okay. 

Got breakfast going and of course he wasn’t interested at all.  I switched out the food and he started to eat but it was a small amount and it was the food he shouldn’t have.  I know one thing and that is if you want to live, you have to eat. 

The worry here is that his appetite went south because of the fever, which was resolved.  He is still on medicine for a fever reducer today and again tomorrow.  If he doesn’t eat tonight I will be taking his temperature to see where we are at.  I also got the vet to give me an appetite stimulant to see if that helps. 

I am not a patient persona nd especially after shelling out a bunch of money.  He has always just sprung right back after his stays in the hospital, I don’t get why this time is different.  I thought when I went to pick him up and they got into talking about the food, the medicine, etc. that I was in way over my head and that I should have opted to part ways.  It’s not what I wanted but it would bring both him and I closure.  I thought the same bad thought last night when he had me up for hours.  I thought about it on the way to work, when I got to work and just kept thinking that I would have to take him to the vet one last time this weekend.  Listening to Pandora while I was working away and heard Charlie’s song See You Again, that song gets me every time.  I broke down as quietly as possible at my desk.  No one has any idea but the tears were flowing.  It’s like I miss him and he’s not even gone yet.  So the release was good and it’s something that I needed.  I talked things over with a coworker who told me that you don’t always get instant results and that I need to give him sometime to heal.  When he gets hungry he will eat. 

After I hung up with my coworker I had to pull up the camera and there he was on camera by the food but he just laid down next to it and didn’t bother to eat any of it.  I listened to the audio to see if he was crying or whimpering and not a sound.

I pray that I made the right call here and that I am not prolonging the inevitable.  I am a bit of a mess with just a few hours of sleep, my emotions on a rollercoaster ride and all of my money tied up in that little brinks truck of a cat that I call Bear.  He’s such a good boy and doesn’t deserve any of this, I would say his dues have been paid for quite sometime.  I’d like to think that same of myself but I know that life just throws you problem after problem.  I forged forward because I am no quitter and he deserved a fighting chance.  Now I have to sit back … watch and wait to see what happens. 

I am ready for a nice long nap.  I can pretty well bet that I will be sleeping tonight crying bear or no crying bear.  Here’s to hoping for a positive outcome and the fact that maybe I bought a little extra time before I have to deal with the grim reaper.  

Stay tuned for more on his progress.  Looking forward to reporting good news.  It’s much more palatable and easier to digest than all of the depressing stuff I have had to write lately.  Take care and have a nice weekend. 

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Fingers are crossed!