07 August 2016

Feeling Old

Looking at Facebook the other day and I see a friends brother recently got married.  I remember when his brother was in diapers and quite the chatty child.  Now he’s married.  Wow, makes me feel old!  This is a friend that stopped talking to me many years ago.  I’m friends with one of his sisters on Facebook, so I reached out to her to see if she would tell me anything about him and how he is doing.  I know where he is living and that he got remarried but outside of that I know nothing.  I would like to talk with him, even if the conversation would be awkward, we were pretty good friends and then one day he just walked away.  I spent years trying to get him to talk with me, asking questions like what I did wrong or if I said something.  Last year I had lunch with a mutual friend and found out that apparently he cheated on his first wife and after they got divorced he stopped talking with most of his friends.  I don’t know if it’s true, nor do I really care.  I get that your physical flesh has lust and I know how hormones work.  He didn’t cheat on me and I told him that I will always consider him a friend, all he has to do is reach out.  It will be interesting to see if she choses to respond.

So I skipped the shower, opted to take a muscle relaxer and sit on the vibrating massager.  Stayed up until 1a and then retired.  My back is still sore today and probably will be for a couple days.  I slept in longer than I wanted to but once again it was Gator to the rescue, she started her serenading and I gave in.  Everyone was waiting for me. 

I’ve had my breakfast and been to the grocery store.  Working on fishing up laundry.  I have to clean the house still.  My body is telling me it’s time for a nap but I am trying to resist.  I think that I am going to lose and go lay down on the couch.  So long as I don’t sleep too long it will be okay.  Normally I have a little more energy than this on a Sunday.  When I came home from the store I was hopping, cooled off and now that I have a lull my body says sleepy time.  I would rather stay up and keep on doing something but honestly everything can wait a bit before it’s taken care of. 

Looking forward to having my special Tombstone Pizza tonight.  It’s part of their Limited Edition and it’s all about the meat.  Salami on a pizza, sounds delicious.  Got my meals all planned out in my head for the first part of the week.  Thursday & Friday are up in the air.  Normally I don’t plan and wing it – I know I have frozen something here and just pick what sounds appealing at the time.  When I get home from work the last thing I want to do is slave over a stove.  Thought about making Pasta with Hamburger but I will save that for another day. 

My life is so exciting.  It honestly bores me sometimes.  Then again with the roller-coaster ride I have been on sometimes boring is a very good thing.  Well me thinks it’s time to give in to my body’s desire for a nap.  Here’s hoping I don’t sleep the day away.  Have a great Sunday and we shall talk again soon. 

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