04 August 2016


Last night I came home to find that Bear had used the pee pads.  They were soaked.  I changed them out and got him cleaned up.  He took a few bites of supper and then back to make me change the pads again.  It’s like there is a river flowing through this cat.  I am perfectly happy with that, the more output the less likely he is to block. 

I did some research about the whole urinary issue in cats.  Turns out I am lucky he formed crystals and not stones.  Crystals can be irrigated out but if a cat forms a stone, they need surgery there are no other options and it can be a life & death situation.  So while it drained me of my money, caused Bear and I both agony and almost separating us, I am glad that something positive has come out of a negative situation.  Just got to keep him flowing like a river and everything should hopefully be fine. 

I passed out all of the food and by the the Suits was coming on they were all still a bit restless.  So I said would anyone like to go fishing.  They looked at me funny I said should I get the fishing pole so we can play with the toy?  Oh their eyes lit up like yes please.  So we went fishing for the first 30 minutes or so of Suits.  Bear gets bored with it easily, but while you have his interest he is all in it to get that damn ball and then once he gets it, he wants to play with the fishing line and not the ball.  Marv got creative last night, he caught the thing in his mouth and then decided he was going to run off with it.  That didn’t turn out to well for him.  I suppose I could have given him line to see just how far he would go, but knowing him he would have been everywhere.  He was so proud when he caught it, like it was the best thing that happened to him all day long.  He doesn’t want to jump anymore, I used to be able to dangle the thing just out of his reach and he would jump for it, but no more.  I guess he wore out his springs and there are no replacements.

I got a crumb sweeper delivered yesterday, I put it together last night and started using it.  For $20 it did a pretty good job.  There is no motor and the cats still went to hide.  This will actually help me keep the carpet a bit cleaner and that makes me and my feet happy.  Nothing like stepping on dried out wet cat food.  It’s like a brick bat.  If you have ever done it you won’t want to repeat it anytime soon.

Woke up to hear news about the chip credit card having a flaw.  The mag stripe on the back of the card tells the card reader to use the chip if it’s swiped.  Hackers have figured out that all you need to do is rewrite the code to tell the stripe if swiped accept, as there is no chip.  Presto your secure chip credit card is now insecure.  I have one credit card that if you use it at the pump it always prompts for your zip code.  What are the chances a thief will know all 5 digits of your zip code?  Slim to none, unless they snag your license with the card then your screwed.  Point being that for every way that someone figures out how to make something secure there will always be someone else who can break through it.  Secure is a temporary state.  I remember growing up and hearing from a mobster that locks are only for honest people.  There is a lot of truth in that statement. 

Last night was a decent night.  Marv laid down with me but didn’t stay for long.  I really miss having him spend the night with me.  Funny thing is I leave my door open on the weekends and then once they all pile in I get up and go to a different bed so that I can be alone.  I have been having some odd sleeping patterns, waking up in the middle of the night a couple times, strange dreams to go with all of this.  I attribute all of this to much needed worrying about nothing.  However, there is a lot going on so I think it’s only natural that my body has this reaction.  I would love, love, love it if I could get a good nights sleep – like the best rest I ever had sleep.  Instead of sleeping like a baby where I am up every couple hours. 

Boring morning here at the office.  Traffic has really picked up this week.  Stop and go on the way here and on the way home.  I want my normal smooth flowing traffic back.  Last night I was in the fast lane, everything was wide open and I was stuck behind someone who was doing 50 in a 65 zone.  I got mad and went around them and managed to get the car up to 100.  I was flying and it was fun.  However, I backed off because bad things can happen when you go that fast – it takes just a second to make a wrong decision and then it’s game over.  I am a lead foot though usually comfortable at 70mph but have been known to drive 80mph.  Between sitting in stop and go traffic and my lead foot my MPG for this tank of gas is super low.  Here’s hoping next week is better!

About to go eat lunch and then I have meetings this afternoon, which will make time fly by.  One of the meetings is on terminating access, when someone leaves either by choice or they are thrown out.  I looked over the manual and there are so many steps and so many systems, wow.  I’m told after you do it for a while you get used to it and then it becomes 2nd nature.  To start out with it’s overwhelming and quite daunting.  You have to be super careful and have great attention to detail, one wrong move could cause problems and leave us open to an intrusion.  Lots of weight and pressure with that responsibility.  This is a fairly large place so people come and go all the time, which will keep me busy and employed. 

So off to grab lunch and then hopefully sail through the afternoon.  Looking forward to getting home and being with my furry begging attention needing family.  Hope all is well with you.  Thanks for stopping by to check in.

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