02 September 2016

Forty Five Today

I feel just like I did yesterday, only today I am a year older.  I like an even number but I would much rather be 35 than 45. Happy that I made it this far.

Last night I had a horrible dream about Marvin, it was so real and terrifying.  I was pleased as punch to see him when I woke up.  I was up and down last night, had to drink a ton of water because I got a massage.  My shoulders really feel it today.  I am also tired probably because I am older and the fact that I was up and down last night.  Being the day before a long holiday weekend and the fact it’s my birthday, I really don’t want to be at work but am thankful that I have a job. 

Lots of people are reaching out on FB today wishing me a Happy Birthday.  I got one card at work.  My team wished me a happy birthday, which was nice.  I figured that someone might offer to take me to lunch but that is not the case.  Totally fine, I came prepared because I am not going to hungry. 

I have been asked so what are you doing special for your birthday?  Nothing really I have decided that I will be stopping at Wendy’s on the way home.  Going to have a heart attack in a sack for supper, a large chili and top it all off with a chocolate frosty.  There you have my birthday meal.  I got myself some toys but they are of the adult nature, so I don’t advertise that.  I bet you if I said well I thought I’d treat myself so I got the king kong butt plug that would leave them speechless with their jaws just hanging open.  Like what did he just say.  I don’t know if such a thing exists but that isn’t what I got myself. 

Earlier in the week a nice looking guy sent me a message.  I opened it and it sounded robotic.  I looked at his profile, which wasn’t complete.  He was asking me about me.  Uh that is why we have profiles, so you can read about me and then decide if you want to reach out.  So I kindly responded and directed him to my profile, I told him I would be happy to answer any questions he might have.  I asked him to tell me more about him, since his profile was lacking information.  I half way expected a response, but didn’t get one.  Never heard from him again.  I think if he was a bot I would have gotten some response.  Robots can be hard to spot unless your on Grindr and then it’s really obvious.  A guy who is more than 2,000 miles away is 4 foot high sent you a message that said hey hot stuff.  You respond, even though he’s not on line and instantly you get a response back.  You think your talking to a real person for a minute but the longer it goes on the quicker it is to figure out that your talking with a robot.  How depressing and what a waste of time.  That is one of the many reason why I am not on Grindr. 

So really no movement on the dating adventure.  I still keep using the service I am enrolled on, hoping that Prince Charming will appear.  Maybe it will happen and then again maybe it won’t.  At least I am trying.  Speaking of which never did hear back from the cute waiter.  I have the evil though of going back to the restaurant and asking to be placed in his section.  Just to see what his reaction will be.  Who knows what he may do to my food but honestly I don’t think anything would happen to the food.  I think he would be super uncomfortable, nervous and feel a bit awkward.  Then again I think he kind of deserves it because he is the one who led me on by saying yes.  If your not interested or not gay, then the answer should have been no but thanks for asking.  Why bother saying yes.  Then again maybe he lost my number and will ask for it again.  I wouldn’t mind giving it to him again, but would ask for his and a last name, since he has my full name because I used a card to pay for my meal.  We shall see what happens.

The big event of the weekend will be getting Bear to the vet tomorrow.  He is not on a regular schedule of using the bathroom.  He went all day yesterday and it wasn’t until later in the evening when he took care of business.  Then about an hour later, he did more.  Nothing for the rest of the night.  It’s kind of worry some but at the same time he is still going so I think things are okay.  He is still eating that is for sure.  Whatever weight he lost I am sure I will hear that he gained it back, which is honestly fine by me.  I don’t care how fat or thin he is, so long as he is happy and in reasonably good health and has quality of life.  After that little adventure I am sure both my back and my wallet will be hurting.  I am interested to know how they will get a urine sample when I fully expect that he will empty his bladder in the car either when I place him in the seat or when he sees where he is going and we have to go inside.  That’s why he will be wrapped in a pee pad, go all you want, the pad traps the liquid and none of it gets on me.  The smell of cat pee is back when he goes now, so I suspect things are more potent (acidic) and that is what the food he is eating is designed to do.  I found him yesterday eating regular dry food when I got home.  Hey as long as your eating the prescription stuff you can supplement the bad stuff, it kind of evens things out. 

If your a Shameless fan, the show will be back on Showtime in 1 month from today.  I am excited for that.  I am also excited that it will be closer to the Charlie Puth concert, looking forward to seeing him live again.  That is yet another way I have treated myself but I did it earlier this summer when tickets were in pre-sales.

So while I made it to the big 4 5 it’s kind of lonely since the one I love isn’t here and I don’t have a current BF.  Here is hoping that the future has a lot more happiness in store for me and there is little to no sadness, depression, or trouble.  Not to sound stuck up but I think I have more than paid my dues with everything that I have been through.  Maybe I am wrong for thinking that I am entitled to something.  However, just because I think it doesn’t make it so. 

There you have it a birthday post complete.  Have a nice weekend and enjoy the weather.  Fall is around the corner and then it will be time to break out the long sleeves, which I hate so much.  But it will also be closer to Turkey Day so I guess it’s not so bad.  Take care and we shall talk again soon.

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