17 August 2016

Loosing my mind

I paid my bills over the weekend.  Apparently I wasn’t paying attention.  I sent the payment for one of my credit cards to U-Verse.  I didn’t catch it until just a few minutes ago and the payment has already been processed.  I was frantic when I discovered it.  The upside is I won’t have a U-Verse bill to pay for a while.  The downside is the credit card still needs to be paid, so I had to raid my savings.  Thank God for it, otherwise I would be up a creek.

Unless your giving me 0 percent interest my aim is to pay off the balance each month.  This particular card has a very high interest rate so no questions asked it’s paid in full each month.  My credit line is low so that helps keep me in check. 

I took time today to look up my auto insurance renewal and holy cow I was frantic over that.  Yes I can pay it by the month but that tacks on $5 to each payment.  I’ve always been able to pay it in full until earlier this year.  Free cash is an issue so bite size portions work best for me.  This is yet another subtle hint that I need to get a new vehicle and trade in what I have.  There is money in the budget for a car payment, it’s just not going towards a car and going towards other things.  Of course Bear being ill right now doesn’t help.

I got an update on the big guy.  They have cleared up his urine and he is going, but it’s still just in tiny amounts.  He has a fair number of crystals.  I had the option of bringing him home, which is what I wanted but if he would block then I would be at this again and it would be a greater expense.  My charges are around $400 if he came home today.  I’ll spend another $400 and let him stay until tomorrow night.  He will be getting 24 hour round the clock care and I think this is in his best interest.  I was also told that he has lost weight, which is helpful but you don’t want him losing too much too fast.  Marv’s weight is on the decline as well.  Not sure what is up with that.  I am not losing weight and I really need to!  While I didn’t want to commit the extra money it is buying me peace of mind.  Plus I can relax and take it easy, come down from the emotional rollercoaster I have been on.  I need a vacation, to get laid or something really fabulous to happen to make up for all of this.  What do you think will happen?  I don’t think anything will happen, other than life will go on. 

Everyone is a little lost without our Bear here but I told them he is coming home tomorrow night.  I will come home first and get the truck, he’s not peeing all over my car.  They now want to put him on a special urinary diet.  There is another added expense.  This is really like a robbery that just keeps happening over and over until your drained emotionally, physically and financially.  I have the power to stop it but it means that I won’t have Bear and that right now is not an option.  It’s wrong to let him go for something that is not his fault and that is treatable. 

I crunched numbers and figure that I can easily afford this smaller bill.  We are really coming close to my financial ceiling so if this shit comes back anytime soon both Bear and I are fucked.  Give me 6 months to help clear some of the debt I have accumulated and were in a much better position.  Who knows what my life will be like in six months from now.  I just hope it still has a Bear in it. 

So there you have it.  Now I am going to try to relax as best as I can before tomorrow morning comes.  I missed a webinar that I really wanted to attend today, plus I also missed some mandatory training that I will have to reschedule.  Have a good evening and thanks for stopping by!

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