11 August 2016


I feel like I am on speed, the day is flying by.  I was out yesterday because of my ear and it’s just been one thing after another.  I had to pry myself away from my desk for lunch.  Going into an endless boring 1 hour meeting in 30 minutes.  Thankfully it’s a phone conference so I can just mute myself and keep on working in the background. 

So the ear, looks like I have a bacterial infection that has setup shop.  I started with a sore throat and facial sinus pain yesterday.  It’s being treated as a sinus infection.  I went to the dreaded doc in the box.  I reached out to their owner yesterday afternoon to let them know there will probably be another screwed up insurance claim.  I don’t have to pay a dime and won’t.  The doctor that saw me said that I could have mastoiditis, it’s air in the mastoid bone I looked it up online and doesn’t sound like fun.  If the antibiotics don’t do the trick in 3 days then I have to go see my primary care doc as I will need a cat scan.  I can get one of those at home for free, the problem is I can’t interpret the results.  The cat scan is the cost effective go to but you really should have an MRI. 

I felt better this morning and I believe the antibiotics are going to do the trick.  I told him what to prescribe which kind of irritated him.  He said he would give me what I asked for but that it really wasn’t that effective for ear issues.  See this my body I’ve been in it for 44 years and I know it better than anyone on the planet.  I went to the antibiotic that finally did the trick for me back in Feb. when I was sick all month long and missed a week of work.  I figure might as well hit it with the big guns and knock it out of the way, no point in letting it linger and develop into something more serious.  Lord knows I really don’t need to take more time off and I certainly don’t want to be hospitalized. 

I got in a couple naps yesterday, which were quite enjoyable.  I think that I tend to run myself a little too hard.  Right now I am time poor in addition to being money poor.  You have to take time to smell the ha chew, excuse me.  Roses or else the world will pass you by.  It does a body good to relax.  Being bored yesterday I found myself doing searching in the local court system and see that my late partners son managed to get himself a DUI last year.  That is one messed up kid.  His mother had to post bond for him.  I also see where he has been sued and foreclosed on numerous times.  I don’t get what the problem is he makes around 90k per year.  I guess he spent all of his money on liquor and attorneys.  A DUI pretty much screws up your life and gobbles up a ton of money.  For all I know it may have cost him his job.  We don’t talk and I just as soon keep it that way. 

Got my ink refills that I ordered.  2 packages one black and one blue.  The blue ones exploded in shipment so I returned them and placed a fresh order.  I hope when they arrive tomorrow they are undamaged.  I prefer to write in blue as you can always tell the original plus it’s different then every day drab black.  I have other colors of ink as well and change it up frequently but for forms, signatures, etc. I prefer blue.  It also happens to be my favorite color.  In addition to being the name of a cat I used to own.

Speaking of cats wow they had a field day yesterday with me.  Every time I turned around they were hounding me for food.  I didn’t give in but they did have lunch since I was at home.  I on the other hand went out for lunch before I came back home.  Had a burger, onion rings and chili.  It was good.  Bear scared me yesterday by not making any urine.  I had to pull him out from under the couch and wipe him off, then he got the idea oh I guess I should go to the bathroom.  After that he was like a river the rest of the day, so worried averted.  Despite the fact I didn’t feel well he got his medicine.  Usually I would skip it but since he has blocked 2 times I am less likely to put off giving him his medicine.  I would feel so guilty if I skipped and then he blocked again. 

The extra memory I ordered for my computer is supposed to be in today but I see it’s stuck at the depot so I have my doubts if I will actually get it.  I will be reaching out to UPS later on this afternoon to find out what is going on.  I paid for 3 day delivery and if I don’t get it then I will ask the merchant for a refund, UPS will gladly refund them their cost for shipping.  You have to hold people accountable or they will walk on you and take your money.  I want what I paid for and if I can’t get it fine, then give me my money back I am owed that much. 

Okay so lunch is winding down.  I need to scoot.  Hope everyone is well, enjoying the week and looking forward to the weekend that is around the corner!

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