22 August 2016


This morning I awoke to find Bear waiting for food but he was soaked.  No evidence that he went to the bathroom on a pee pad.  That is a bit concerning as this is usually how things start off.  He is eating in fact I had to give him two small cans.  He has given up on his special dry food, which is kind of disappointing.  He is still drinking.  You know before this is all said and done, I might be drinking as well and I am not talking water. 

I got him cleaned up and checked him by touch, he feels warm.  I will take his temperature tonight and hope for good news.  I also have to stop by the pet food store because he has eaten up a good portion of the can food that I bought.  I have no idea how much I will spend tonight but so long as he eats it and it’s not going to waste then I will be happy.  I pray that his progress continues in an upward direction and that he can over come the crystal issue.  If he sticks to his diet, things should go well.  I fixed him with getting into the other dry food, I mixed in some of his food on top so if he goes to the feeder he will get his food first and then the normal stuff.  That will probably make him mad.  He is still lapping up the attention. 

My neck and shoulder are still killing me.  I used some spray Icy Hot last night, didn’t do a damn thing.  Broke out the ice a couple hours later and that felt pretty good once I got used to it.  I used some vanishing scent Ben Gay this morning, that worked pretty well.  Thinking about going to get some bio-freeze from the massage room and put that on.  Probably will but after lunch because once that stuff gets on your hands it takes forever to get it off. 

I have left over pizza for supper if I want it or I can do BBQ with Potato Salad.  Not sure what I will chose a lot depends on the mood that I am in and how Bear is doing when I get home. 

Work for the morning is kind of boring.  The afternoon should sail by as I have meetings and some training.  I got stuck in a boring conference call this morning, I was struggling to hold my eyes open.  I wish we didn’t have to sit through boring stuff and could just fast forward to the interesting stuff.

The boss man is headed away for something like 9 working days.  Wednesday will be his last day in the office, kind of looking forward to that.  He gets so anxious about little stuff and having him gone is a chance for all of us to relax a bit.  Work will still get done, probably on an accelerated basis.  I hope that he enjoys his time away and am kind of jealous that it’s not me going on vacation. 

Well about time to eat my lunch and then back to work.  Monday is half over, that is a good thing.  Each passing minute brings me closer to getting home where I want to be so I can see my big boy. 

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