31 July 2016

Expensive Sunday

I made it through the grocery store not spending much.  Decided to hit up the expensive/upscale grocery store to get more oatmeal.  I went in for 1 item and wound up leaving with way more than that.  When I got the total I about passed out.  It’s not that I can’t afford it or don’t have the money for it but rather it was shock.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as everything costs way too much today!

Bear loves his new gravy food.  It’s the same stuff I used to feed #1 Son (Sparky).  Since he is such a big guy I have to give him 2 packets at a time.  There is more than enough for him and Marv to share.  Marv runs away from it and would rather eat Pate or dry food. 

Got the house cleaned.  Remembered that I forgot to clean the microwave.  That is a task that has been alluding me for weeks.  I also forgot to put in the forks, spoons and knives in the dishwasher.  So that was a perfect excuse to load it up with the turntable from the microwave and the eating utensils.  Then I got out my Shark Steamer and went to town on steam cleaning the microwave.  Damn think looks brand new!  Considering that is the primary way I make my food, might as well keep it clean.  I tried running a cup of water through, heating it up and using the steam from it but it just didn’t have enough power.  That little steamer had helped me out of several tough tasks.  Shame I can’t steam away my bills. :-)

Got matched up with a hot guy who is younger and looking for an older guy.  He’s 27 which is a little younger than I want but he looks stunning.  I reached out.  Next move is his.  We have a lot in common, which is rather surprising considering there is a 17 year age difference between us.  Then again me and my late partner had a 30 year age difference and we turned out okay.  I know what I want in a guy but finding the whole package (i.e. brains, brawn and beauty) is turning out to be quite the challenge. 

All is well at the moment.  Back to 5 regular full days tomorrow.  I have to cover for my boss Tuesday afternoon.  He’s on call and will be tied up for a little bit.  I get 15 minutes of overtime out of it.  I figured volunteering to help was a good thing and shows him that I am interested.  I have to stay at the office a little longer but chances are I am doing myself a favor when it comes to traffic or so I hope.  I’ll be doing the on call thing soon enough and I am very apprehensive about it.  I don’t have all of the training I feel that I need, but sometimes trial by fire is the best way to learn.  One thing is for sure if you learn in trial by fire, you won’t soon forget.  That is where I got most of my knowledge from in my last role. 

It’s time for treats for the children.  I just remembered that I didn’t take my evening pills so I have to do that.  Then I need to work on winding down for the evening and getting ready for what I hope is a great but yet fast moving Monday.  I hope that you have had a great weekend.  Take care and I will talk with you again soon.

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