01 June 2015


Well we are officially in the June Gloom.  Its a crappy Monday here weather wise.  That will only last today and then the rest of the week if of course going to be fine, until the weekend when more rain moves in  Seems like things are sunny during the week and rainy on the weekend.  Who knows if all of this will come to pass, weather changes often. 
I saw an interesting movie about how people tried to ambush the Bill & Hillary Campaign back in the day when Bill was running for President.  It was very interesting.  I don’t often pay much attention to the credits but I saw the producers wish to thank and it listed someone I work with.  Now it’s a common name so might not even be him, but given his stature in the community I’m thinking it probably is.  I don’t plan on asking.  I saw the movie on Here TV which is a Gay Subscription Based network, so that would set off too many alarms.

Afterwards I was eager to hear what John Oliver had to say on Last Week Tonight, it was very entertaining.  All of the mess with FIFA caused me to kind of tune out.  I mean I don’t care one way or the other.  Then it was off to bed.  Well Marvin still has his biting habit.  I am wondering if I need to get him a bone to chew on.  He has bitten me pretty hard but has yet to break the skin.  I am trying to avoid that at all costs.  I think if I soak my hand in lemon juice that would probably cure him.  Evil trick but hey if it works, so be it.  He was chatty and I am guessing by his actions pissed off at me.  We cuddled for a little bit but he wanted out of bed after 5 minutes and then out of the room.  So that left me with Bear.  Who I told if he needed out to let me know.  Yeah he did that at 3am after he shit on the rug and tried to cover it up by using my new shoes.  I wasn’t too happy but the shoes just had a little bit on the bottom.  I cleaned up the mess as he left the room.  Marvin and his mother came in to join me.  I kicked Momma out and me and Marv went back to bed. 
I had problems falling asleep, I figured with no nap and extra sleeping medicine I would be sure to pass out within an hour, but that wasn’t the case.  I couldn’t get my brain to shutoff.  I kept thinking about this or that and the other.  Of course morning came and it was time to start hopping again.  The guy that sits next to me at work is still sick, he did finally go home Friday – still I think he has done his damage here, at least where I am concerned.  Between him and the weather changing I don’t feel the best but I am trying to forge forward and hope that I am able to shake it off. 
Yesterday afternoon I got some retail therapy via Amazon.  I ordered 3 new polo shirts.  They aren’t Polo brand name because they want too much damn money.  I have 1 coming in orange, royal blue and hot pink.  Yeah I should look smashing.  I got travel sizes of some shampoo and conditioner that I want to try and some underwear.  Wow doesn’t take long to spend money.  Tack that on with the groceries pet food, glasses and this has by far been one of the most expensive weekends that I have had in a while.  Not to mention that License Plate renewal will be coming and soon after that Auto Insurance Renewal time.  It’s just a vicious cycle.. I think that I deprive myself way too much and way too often.  So when I finally give in I tend to go gang busters.

My stomach was kind of on fire last night so I decided to have ice cream instead.  Broke out the Hagen Daz Artesian Collection – Banana Rum Jam.  It was like I was eating Bananas Foster Ice Cream. I just a had a little and made myself put it away.  My stomach has settled down a bit.  I am thinking I will be taking it easy today.  Supposed to go to an Italian place for lunch, looked at the menu and I hate everything that I saw.  Looks like everything is gourmet food and that is a big turn off.  So hopefully they are able to wow me because the place isn’t cheap.  I am hoping that they have a smaller lunch menu and that the prices are a little bit more reasonable.  I won’t know that for about an hour. 
My friend who has all of the medical problems posted a photo yesterday on FB she has lost so much weight that she almost looks like a man.  Seriously she looks horrible.  Need to work on getting her to put on a little weight.  She is mostly skin and bones from what I see.  Looks like she is wasting away.  Now I need to lose weight as well but don’t want to do it like that. 

The news that is all the rage this morning is that Windows 10 is coming out.  I’ve got a pop up here on my laptop about upgrading.  Yeah, not sure that I want to take that leap just yet.  I am kind of happy with Windows 8.1.  I just clicked it and Microsoft wants me to reserve my copy.  They say the Start Menu is back.  Yeah well I have seen a BETA of 10 and I wasn’t impressed.  Unless MS has made some changes doing simple things like Printer Installs requires you to click a whole bunch of things.  Control Panel is just a nightmare or so it was.  While I’d like to reserve my copy I don’t know that I want to install it just yet.  Plus they are making it free for the 1st year – now perhaps since I just got both of my machines last year they are going to allow me to upgrade for free forever but I wouldn’t bet on it. 

Most software is going to the subscription based model.  So you don’t go to the store to buy it, you get it on the web or through an app store.  Then you sign up to activate your account and give them a credit card.  They charge the card every year so long as you allow.  When you stop allowing them the software expires and is useless.  I see pros and cons to this.  However, you won’t have to buy a new version when it comes out, it will be pushed to your machine and you can use it without any increase in price.  Now each year the subscription price could change.  Just another way that things are changing.

Talk with you all again soon.  Cheers!

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