07 June 2015

Lunch costs how much?


I was thinking on Friday night about taking my mom to lunch.  I put the idea on the back burner and low and behold she called me and had the same idea.  Then she went on to tell me about her continued problem with trying to refinance her home.  She filed Bankruptcy a few years back.  Something she said created a spark and I went looking. 

I was able to uncover a serious problem.  Turns out that she actually filed twice.  The first time was a Ch 13 which is a repayment plan.  That case got dismissed because her attorney at the time was arrested because he was duping his clients.  So there were meetings scheduled in her case and no one showed up for her, so the case was dismissed.  After that she was able to hire another attorney and file a Ch 7 which is what you file when you have no assets and no money.  Then you wait 6 months, go through some credit counseling and presto your all done, debt forgiven.  The problem is the Ch 13 petition lists 2 MasterCard accounts with the same bank.  The Ch 7 petition only lists 1 of them.  So there was a clerical error. 

It gets more strange.  So we pulled her credit reports from all 3 bureaus and turns out there is nothing listed that is in collections, derogatory and no mention whatsoever of the MasterCard's in any of the reports.  Now the bank she is trying to refinance through is telling her that there is a problem, but her credit report doesn’t say that.  So I am perplexed at where they are getting their information from. 

I wrote a letter to her attorney for her, she just had to sign it and explained the situation, like I was talking to a two year old and drew a picture of what occurred.  I simply asked him for help in fixing the error.  Mom said that he won’t help because it’s been too long.  I said well it’s worth a try in asking for help.  I pointed out the error and initially was quick to blame him for making it, but then I thought that might piss him off.  So I just said there is an error, left out who made it.  Honestly it doesn’t matter who is at fault, it’s better to just get it fixed and move on. 

We had lunch at TGI Friday’s and I got a bill that was the most expensive lunch I have ever had.  2 sodas, 1 salad, 1 burger, 2 pieces of Whiskey Cake and $45.00 for all of that.  Holy shit, I about had a stroke when I saw it.  Never ever going back there when I am paying for more than myself.  I should have taken mom up on her offer to buy lunch but decided against it.  Between lunch, gas and all of the paperwork I had to obtain from the Court I can easily say I dropped a lot more money than that.

I did wake up in time and got my new specs.  The lens look like they are crooked, I had the same problem with the pair I have now.  It’s going to take time to get them broken in and I will probably have to go back for adjustments.  I got them adjusted while I was there  - it was an in and out type thing 10 mins max. 

I also managed to get my hairs cut.  I had an appointment but the lady who was holding the sharp instrument was running late.  I got a complimentary scalp massage for the inconvenience, plus they gave me my neck shave for free.  Not a bad deal.  I saw a hot guy walk in while I was waiting.  He had a nice butt.  He looked at me, I looked at him and then he picked up his phone.  I was trying to glance over his shoulder, it looked like he was on a dating site but I was across the room and even with new glasses I couldn’t solve that mystery.  Then it’s my turn.  So a potential guy might have gotten away.  I figured if it was meant to be he would have said something to me.

My supper was very late and I had ice cream.  Polished off the Banana Rum Jam.  It was awesome!


Woke up – fed the children – went to breakfast.  I don’t know how I manage to do it but no matter what I order at Steak N Shake the total always comes out even, with last week being the exception.  I wish I had the knack to be able to do that all the time, it would be even easier to manage my money.  Made the dreaded trek to the grocery store.  I didn’t get a whole lot.  On my way to the car I got an e-mail from work.  Turns out it was from my boss.  The person who was on-call had a relative pass away so she was looking for someone to take the rest of today.  I thought about it for about 1.2 seconds and then moved on.  I waited and waited finally by the time I got home and had everything put away, someone volunteered themselves.  So off the hook for that but I almost did take it.  Didn’t want it but that is another story.

I started on laundry on Saturday so it was a matter of continuing the process until everything is done.  I took a nap and slept for a couple hours, with Gator laying on me.  Woke up moved her off, rolled over and she jumped back on me.  We do this every weekend, I don’t know why she likes sleeping on me.  It’s nice but I think twice before I go to move.

Woke up went to Target to got cat litter, toothbrush refills, floss and cat treats.  Then on to the pet food store where I managed to use a coupon and got $30 worth of food for $15 – NICE.  Then I went on a little trip to a shopping center just to see what was there.  Things have changed a lot, so some new places to eat at.  Then stopped at Sam’s for gasoline and came on home. 

I want to go back out to eat but it’s simply too hot and I have been Amazoning again so better stay home.  I am thinking Lasagna and Garlic Bread.  It will fill me up and then in a few hours I can try some Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream by Ben & Jerry’s.  Hope it all tastes yummy!

On my latest quest with Amazon I have purchased a couple candles.  One is Yankee #5 which is Vanilla & Coconut, it’s amazing.  The other one was something called Volcano by some brand I never heard of.  Connor Franta (YouTuber) turned me on to it.  It’s suppose to be very good, so we shall see.  I ordered my first ever pride shirt.  It’s the American Flag in a Rainbow Design, the shirt is grey.  I was looking at Target but they didn’t have anything.  They are doing pride shirts this year via on-line only and most of the designs are sold out.  I also ordered Furnace Filters (how exciting) and I picked up some Tenga Eggs.  You can look them up online but don’t do it at work – it might cause you to blush.  They aren’t real eggs but I am very much looking forward to their arrival.

I am still waiting for my replacement headset, Amazon dropped the ball.  They created a label for shipment but that’s it.  Never placed the package with FedEx so there wasn’t anything to be delivered on Saturday.  Not happy.  I did get my money back for shipping.  Hopefully the order will be delivered on Tuesday if not then I will cancel it and get all my money back.  Thankfully I was able to glue the broken headset back together and it worked.  So I really don’t need the replacement but for peace of mind it would be nice to know that I had a backup. 

My Brother & The House

Turns out the deal is off for certain now.  Mom didn’t want to move so that caused a riff between My Brothers Girlfriend and Mom.  Doesn’t sound like things have been pleasant.  The girlfriend and the others that were staying there have moved out.  She went back to her place.  Apparently she told my mom that she ruined her life.  Yeah, well there is more than one house for sale.  It’s not the end of the world.  I am kind of relieved that it’s all over with, for now. 

Mom seems to think they are going to get married.  I said I’m not so sure about that.  She told my brother if you do get married, get a prenup.  He of course won’t listen to sage advice from someone who has been through several marriages.  If he would marry this woman and things wouldn’t work out and they faced divorce, she strikes me as the type that would take him for everything she could manage to get. 

Mom doesn’t like her.  I am not fond of her.  Mom asked me what I thought and I told her that I think she has big boobs and that is about the only thing going for her.  This girl has my brother by the short hairs and anything she wants, he gives to her.  If she wanted to fly to Paris, he would try to make it happen.  It is horrible that one person can take advantage of another person in the name of love.  It happens all the time though.  Doesn’t matter if your straight, gay, bi – man or woman.  Ah well, I have my own problems so I tend to focus more on them and less on my brother and mother. 

Other ramblings

It’s very hot here.  The AC is getting a good work out today.  Right now I am freezing in the basement with the AC going full blast and I have to pee.  Momma is nagging me to go but I want to keep on typing. 

I have looked at the forecast and it’s going to be humid all week long.  No rain until of course the weekend.  I have nothing going all week, except the usual Work – Eat – Sleep.  The weekend is another story.  My next therapy appointment will be on Saturday and this will be my first time at my therapists new office.  Rain would only add a layer of complexity in navigation.

So there you have it my weekend.  I wasn’t as bored as I thought I would be and I managed to accomplish everything that needed to be done, plus entertain my mom for a bit.  Naps were taken both days and it was nice to be able to relax and unwind.  Now it’s time to ramp up for another week of who knows what.

I did find a neat calling feature that I have with my home phone.  It’s called Exclusive Call Forwarding.  You put in up to 20 numbers that you want forwarded to a specific destination and then when someone calls their call is automatically routed to that destination.  The phone never rings at home, kind of nice.  I am using it for the attorney that I am hoping calls me back on Monday.  I can see other uses for it if you only want someone to go to voice mail or if you want certain people to be able to get ahold of you on your cell phone.  Technology is fascinating to me but I only like it when it works. 

Now it’s on to feed the children, feed myself and put away laundry.  How exciting will all of that be?  Then I get to come back to the computer and send in a mileage survey for my auto insurance.  Plus who knows where else I might surf to.  Then on to watch Nurse Jackie & John Oliver in This Week Tonight.  Then lights out hopefully I fall asleep, of course drugs (sleeping pills) will assist with that.

I do hope that you all had a productive but relaxing weekend and that your all doing well.  I shall talk with you again soon.  Until then be kind of each other.  Cheers!

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