08 June 2015


I encountered my very first problem with AT&T Uverse.  Friday evening we had a power blip.  Not a big deal, I was watching TV and didn’t miss a beat.  The UPS beeped but that was it.  Everything moved along smoothly, until I discovered yesterday that Nurse Jackie wasn’t recording.  I was late and didn’t get to see the episode and so I scheduled another recording but that didn’t happen either.  I was up to watch Last Week Tonight so no worries there.  I rebooted the DVR and the Gateway (aka modem) before going to bed last night.  I tested it and no go.  I figured well it’s got to finishing booting and processing information.  So I tested it out this morning.  Nope, no dice.  So I did the reboot thing again, but this time I left everything off for a couple minutes.  That fixed it.  When the DVR came back on line I got a prompt to press OK to start it up and from that point on recording worked.  I went through the help videos and let AT&T reboot the Gateway but that didn’t work.  Glad I was able to solve it on my own.  I was about 10 minutes late in leaving the house, but managed to get to work with plenty of time to spare. 

Got the new specs on, as I figured no one has noticed a thing.  The glasses seem like there is a blurry spot in the right eye but maybe that is because it’s a little stronger.  I am supposing that it will take time to get used to them.  I did wear them on Saturday and didn’t notice any problems at all. 

Marvin was gracious enough to let me in my own bed.  Never fails when I wash the sheets someone always gets them dirty quickly.  He was playing the biting game last night.  I had to raise my voice before he would calm down.  I don’t know about him, he’s changing and not the same old Marvin I was used to.  Perhaps he just wants to play.  In any case he let me get to sleep, then he went and crapped on the floor.  I woke up and had to use the bathroom.  I apparently stepped in it but never knew it.  I got back in bed and viola the sheets are messed up.  Plus I still have the mess to clean up on the floor.  I was not happy but I didn’t try to punish him.  If I didn’t know better I would think that his brother did it but I would have heard his brother moving around.  So I will clean it up tonight.  It’s not like he could escape from my room, because I sleep with the door closed.  Normally he would wake me but not last night or if he did I don’t recall it.  Funny thing when I get to sleep it take a lot to wake me up.  I am not one of those people where you can whisper my name and presto I am up.  No more like you have to set off an alarm or make a loud noise, then I am up. 

The rest of the furry bunch is doing okay.  Just picky to feed, as per usual.  I wish that they would eat what I give them, but then again that is every parents wish regardless if your feeding an animal or a child.  Ruth & Bear know they can both work me to get special food and they try it.  There are certain times when I decide not to give in and then they eat what they were given.

My cell phone has been going nuts this morning with all of the text notifications from Amazon letting me know that this or that item has shipped and is on the way.  I tracked my headset and there has been no change.  I will be very surprised if it arrives at all.  Well it’s about time to go back to the phones and I so don’t look forward to that.  The morning was pretty busy, which is typical for a Monday.  The afternoon is anyone’s guess.  We got a memo today about huge traffic delays that are going to last for several months, starting of course today.  I so don’t look forward to sitting in a conga line to exit the parking garage.  Parking in the town I work in is at a premium and it’s one of the main reasons why I said I’d never work out here.  Looks like I was wrong.  So long as I am not stuck for hours on end, it will be okay.  Funny thing is I just got used to things going back to normal.  Talk with you all again soon.

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