28 June 2015

Last day of R&R

Gator woke me up way too early, but I needed to get started with my day.  If it were up to me I would have spent much more time in bed.  Fortunately between her meows, cries and the pressure from my bladder…. she won. 

I got the tail gate to open on the truck this morning.  However, when I needed it most, at the grocery store it wouldn’t open.  I guess it had gotten too hot outside.  Where is fall when you need it? 

Made it through Breakfast at Steak N Shake.  I have this regular waitress that takes care of me.  She knows my eating habits pretty well.  She is always there with a Diet Soda for me.  She asked about Chili this morning.  I said yeah to a bowl.  Ordered a Royale Double minus mayo w/fries.  She had been doing so well for so long.  Every time I ordered my ticket would ring up with an even amount.  This went on for months.  Then one day she remarked about it and ever since then no matter what I order I can’t get it to come up even.  This morning I gave her trouble and she told me that I needed to order something else.  So I got a Nutella Shake.  Still no luck.  The shake was good though, despite the fact that I didn’t need it. 

Yesterday in combing through my Facebook feed I see that one of the hot guys I used to admire at the local ice cream stand got married.  He looked really happy, which is nice.  Color me green with envy. 

I’ve spent the majority of the day here in the house with the kids.  In fact they want more of my time so after blogging it will be upstairs for the rest of the evening. 

Ruth really worked me over at supper time.  I had to eat with one hand and pet & scratch her with the other.  She doesn’t stay in one spot for too long, just in case your plotting something.  It’s like she knows.  I wasn’t plotting anything but trying to eat my Pizza.  She loves to bother me when I am at the table, regardless of what meal it is.  Breakfast is usually the preferred meal.  I cater to her because that is as close of a relationship that I have with her.  It’s her cuddle time, but she doesn’t cuddle.  I do manage to get her motor running, which makes me feel good because I am doing my job very well. 

Big Boy had an accident overnight and it wasn’t on the pads.  Messy clean up for me.  He got a paper towel bath, which he lapped up.  I don’t see how he can possibly get so dirty but like all kids he manages.  He just craves the attention and of course I give in.  Maybe not right away but I do give in. 

Got a call from my friend that has been looking for a job.  Sounds like he fell into one.  He has a meet & greet on Tuesday with the new place.  Then he starts officially next week.  I hope he doesn’t fuck it up.  Pay is really sweet, $40 per hour.  I don’t think he will get benefits but he is going to ask.  That can’t hurt. 6 months right to hire.  So as long as he can put up with the demands of the job for 6 months they will make him perm.  I hope that it all works out to his advantage.  I am a little jealous because some of what he will be doing, I have prior experience doing.  However, over 1/2 of his job is networking and that I have very little experience in.  Would be nice if I did.  As comfortable as I am with my job I am getting anxious for a change. 

Speaking of my job and change.  I will be on the road this week, but only for 1 day.  I need to visit an office that is about 3 hours away.  It’s up and back same day.  Shouldn’t take me very long when I get up there.  I need to setup a new person.  Take a physical inventory with a bar code gun.  Then if there is time grab lunch.  Then back home.  Probably will be Tuesday.  Wednesday the new person starts.  Thursday we should get to go home early and Friday is a holiday.  So if all goes well tomorrow will probably be my most difficult day.  Because I am getting back from 2 days off.  I had 151 emails to comb through.  It was rather easy.  There were some that required action, but I’m not working for free so that shit can wait until tomorrow.  I think there could be some major issues from what I read but again it’s a job for tomorrow.

I did my research and if my calculations are correct, minus the 2 days that I am taking next month for the concert.  I will still have 9 days left before I am totally out of time.  Not bad.  For years 1 to 5 we get 19 days, plus 2 floating holidays.  Not bad at all.  Now that is vacation and sick time lumped together.  Run out of time and need to take time, that is when you will have problems.  9 days has to last until Dec 31.  Then on Jan we start over again.  Feels like life is already passing me by. 

Okay so speaking of passing me by.  My evening will be doing that.  I am watching the last ever episode of Nurse Jackie.  Not looking forward to the show ending.  However, I understand all good things must come to an end.  I will drowned my sorrows in ice cream, the sugar high will cause me to get sleepy and thus bedtime will begin.  To help it along a double dose of sleeping pills and presto … Good Night!  Talk with you peeps later.

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