20 June 2015

Average Saturday

As you can tell by the title it was an Average Saturday for me.  I woke up in plenty of time.  I elected not to visit the eye doctor to get my glasses adjusted.  I think I fixed that problem on my own.

I did venture to the post office but nothing there but junk.  Went on to have breakfast at Huddle House.  I got a Philly Cheesesteak Omelet and it was very tasty.  Had Toast and Grits washed it all down with a Diet Soda.  Pretty good and cheap as well.  Afterwards I came home.

Watched a movie 7 Psychopaths.  It was stupid but it was one of those movies that you wanted to know how it ends, so it compelled me to keep watching.  I squeezed in a nap and Gator was laying on me the whole time.  She has become quite the Daddy’s girl and loves to be the center of attention at all times.  It’s rather annoying to me, not to mention to her mother as well.

Got all of the cat fur off of my shirt and went out for dinner.  I visited a place that I have wanted to go to for a long time.  It’s not cheap but I have never been there.  Looked at the menu on line and was all set on a burger.  Got there and saw Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf, topped with BBQ Sauce and it came with fresh green beans, two onion rings and mashed potatoes.  Holy crap that was some meal.  I dared to keep going and had the White Chocolate Blueberry Bread Pudding.  As Bread Pudding goes this was crap.  It was dry and they served it with a scoop of ice cream that was the size of a melon ball.  I enjoyed myself and had some good food.  It was nice but the whole time I kept thinking I wish my late partner were here to experience this with me.  The bill would have been double but I think he would have said the same thing I did… this is so good that I will be back!

Ventured on to the pet food store.  Got the children their food.  Then I wanted to visit the hardware store but my belly said go home.  So that is where I went.  I am still stuffed and that was several hours ago.  No more food for me, until tomorrow.

I need to pick up Water Softener Salt, but there is always a tomorrow.  My late partners vehicle is starting to act up.  Hesitating when I press on the gas, acts like it wants to die at a stop light.  Then today for a short time I couldn’t roll down any of the windows.  I kept thinking cancel the service on both vehicles and instead prepare to purchase a new one.  It’s a great idea but I am conflicted about what to do.  Part of me says move forward and the other part of me says hold off.  So doing nothing can’t hurt.  Maybe I will work it all out in therapy and then on Saturday I will get a new car.  Who knows. 

The rain here has stopped and the sun is out and it’s very hot.  This is the weekend of home coming and they always manage to pick a hot weekend for it.  I never go.  We used to visit just to see the parade and then leave.  After a couple times, that got to be old hat so we decided no more.  I thought about going back but decided to skip it. 

I picked up some gift cards.  1 for the attorney who gave me free advice and 1 for a guy at work who has helped me out time and time again.  I learned Taco Bell was his weakness.  I wrote a fan letter to Joey Graceffa and mailed that along with the gift card for the attorney. 

As for the Bankruptcy Attorney he is close and I am thinking about going down to his office.  However, if things are as I suspected that he has let all of his office staff go, the front door very well might be locked and he is under no obligation to answer.  So that could be a wasted effort.  I am planning on calling him and seeing what if any response that brings.  The whole thing makes no sense to me.  I’m asking for a status update – simple words that would take no more than 2 minutes tops if he leaves out all of the lawyer lingo and speaks in plain English. 

My friend that I had the spat with last weekend hasn’t phoned.  That is not exactly uncommon.  I was the last to call her on Monday and I figured that she would reach out to me.  She knew that I was getting my review on Friday.  I am concerned but right now I am letting her make the next move.  I am not calling her not even next Friday when I know the ceremony will be going on.  I did nothing wrong, other than snoop and find out the truth on line.  I always heard that my nose would get me in trouble and this wouldn’t be the first time and it won’t be the last time. 

I am bored with life.  The routine works to keep me functioning but it doesn’t bring me happiness.  I miss happiness and being one with another guy.  Right now I am trying to think of what to do next Friday since all I have booked is my Therapy appointment.  I may do my blood work then but what after that?  I thought about taking Marv to the vet but that isn’t something I really don’t want to do.  Not because of money but more because of how uncomfortable it will make him.  Trying to keep myself entertained is a full time job and when I plan something or come up with an idea I usually wind up talking myself out of it.  I know that isn’t healthy but it’s just how I am.

Pride is coming up and one of the gals at work is encouraging me to go.  I’ve never been to a Pride Parade or Event.  They are supposed to be fun and of course filled with guys.  I’ve got mixed feelings on this as well and doubt seriously if I will go.  There was another pride event that I didn’t know about that took place today not terribly far from home.  It was more of a surprise that it snuck up on me. 

So there is my Saturday.  Tomorrow is the kids Birthday.  So I will be trying to cater to them all tomorrow since it’s their special day.  Who am I kidding all I do is cater to them.  I try to make their birthday special even though it’s just another day for them.  Birthday’s to me are just not the same once you become an adult.

Okay well before I kill any sense of happiness you might have I am going to run along now.  Enjoy your evening and the rest of the weekend.  Monday will be calling soon enough.  Cheers!

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