24 June 2015

Busy Day

I am once again dealing with a bunch of things and have a very busy day.  I have a meeting to attend and that will chop off an hour of my afternoon but will put me on the phones afterwards.  I’ve got a new hire that starts on 7/1 and I am racing against the clock to try to get everything in place.  She is in a remote office and it looks like I am going to have to make a visit out there.  I am trying not to but I don’t know that I can put it off. 

So last night for supper I had 1 frozen Steak N Shake Frisco Melt.  They have a strange package.  You put the whole thing in the microwave, no venting.  It self vents and cooks the burger.  The bread is like eating shoe leather and they lather on the Frisco Sauce.  It’s close to fresh made but I prefer the real thing.  Then I had Mostokioli which was okay.  They went great together. 

Tonight is going to be Mexican food.  The Season Premier of Suits is on so you have to know I will be watching that.  I really love that show and Patrick J. Adams who plays Mike is the main reason why I watch the show.  Sexy is the quickest way to convey why.

Speaking of Sexy.  There is this guy in the office and I’ve noticed him more and more.  He is just uber smoking hot.  Of course he is married and plays for the opposite team.  However, I get vibes from him that he might be into messing around.  Perhaps it’s all in my head or just wishful thinking but man.  When my brother called on Monday I didn’t have any time for self pleasure.  I woke up Tuesday morning and this guy was all I could think about.  My sex drive is tame compared to what it was when I was younger.  Desperation is starting to creep in a little bit and I’d love to tempt fate and throw caution to the wind but this could ruin my job or at the very least make it uncomfortable.  I normally wouldn’t chase after a married guy but there is just something about him that says please F me now.  I heard that his wife is pretty controlling and she doesn’t allow him to have friends.  I think he may just be desperate to make a friend and maybe there isn’t anything sexual there.  I’d love to ask him to lunch but I don’t know if I could behave myself and/or what we would talk about.  Our interaction is usually all business but when we get even mildly personal in conversation there are awkward long pauses and he smiles a lot.  He has an excellent smile.  I wish I could find a guy that had his physical attributes.  It just feels good to tell you my story.

So my friend’s son will graduate and become a state trooper on Friday.  I had scheduled Thursday & Friday off in the hopes of going but of course that got nixed because of the lie.  Well she sent me a text message on Sunday to say happy father’s day.  I haven’t heard from her by phone since we spoke on Monday.  While it’s not that uncommon I would have thought she would have called me by now.  I am starting to doubt if our friendship is still in tact.  I suppose the real test will be on Friday if she calls or sends photos.  I looked ahead to view my PTO and after this week I will have 3.3 hours.  It has to build back up because I am taking 2 days next month to see Charlie Puth.  I’ve still got my 2 floating holidays but I like to keep those in reserve just in case of an emergency.  My understanding here is that if you take time and don’t have it, that is when it’s a huge problem.  So long as you have time, no one cares how you take it.  I believe I am running out of time, but I could be wrong. 

On the cat front, Marvin still thinks that my fingers are chew toys.  He has hurt me but still no breaking the skin.  I am wondering if he needs a bone to chew on.  I know he’s a cat but it’s like he is teething.  Bear has decided to start using the litter box for pee.  He goes to his bed and does #2 there.  I still have pads out but he hasn’t used them for a couple days.  I will need to wash his bed and that won’t be fun because it’s loaded with fur.  Everyone lays in it at some point.  Thankfully everyone is doing well and making it okay. 

Yesterday on the way home I noticed a crack in my windshield.  It’s in the strangest place.  At the top of the window.  I remember last week a rock or something flew through the freeway and it hit the top of my car.  I kept looking for body damage but there isn’t any.  Just glass damage.  The crack is small enough that I can fix it myself.  I ordered a kit from Amazon last night because I am lazy like that.  It will be in on Thursday so I can spend Friday fixing the windshield.  Fun!  The dealer looks for damage to the windshield, so I am kind of interested to see if they find it tomorrow.  My guess is they won’t.  The light has to hit the car just right and you have to be looking at the top of the window – otherwise you will never see it.  Yesterday was just one of a couple days of sunshine.  I never saw it in the gloomy rainy weather. 

I saw a video on FB last night of a woman who was handcuffed and hobbled (legs attached to the handcuffs) steal a police car, crash it and try to get the cops rifle out.  They had to break the windshield with a baton and tase her before she was successful.  The car she stole I would say is a total loss.  She was in the back seat and this occurred in AR on Saturday.  Just when you think the prisoner is secure they break out.

Last night I watched The Cobbler with Adam Sandler via Netflix.  Wow great movie.  I didn’t want to go to sleep afterwards but I had to.  It wasn’t slapstick funny but it had some laughs in it.  There were more serious undertones. 

Finally in checking the Bankruptcy case, all appears well at the moment.  No objections filed as of today.  The deadline for objections is set for 07-23 and my deadline for dismissal for non payment is 07-27.  So it will be very close.  Let’s hope there isn’t any objections and that we don’t incur any judicial delay so it’s discharged days before it would otherwise be dismissed.  Either way no matter what happens were done as of next month.  I would rather walk away knowing that no one is coming after me for certain rather than taking a chance and having a fight on my hands.  I am so tired of fighting that I need to rest and then have a very long vacation.  Hopefully paradise will be mine soon!

Speaking of fighting when the bankruptcy lawyer called the other day his message was 2 minutes long and then he just faded away.  I found out that AT&T sets a time limit for UVERSE customers of 2 minutes.  I’ve spoken with Customer Service.  They claim they can’t extend it.  However UVERSE voice mail is the same thing as Unified Messaging, it’s just you have a smaller mailbox and have less control.  I’d pay to switch back to unified messaging.  I will be investigating if that is possible on Friday.  Sounds like I just found my next fight.  I’m sure this will end with me writing a letter because communicating with first level people who are programmed to just get rid of you is such a challenge.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

Now it’s time to setup for the meeting and see how much I can get done in a half hour before the meeting starts.  Joy!  Have a great day.

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