16 June 2015

Good News

So I talked with the attorney that I was referred to and he told me that I should just let the Bankruptcy case be dismissed, I wasted my money and was given bad advice.  My late partners debts expired upon his death.  As for being sued after the fact well that was a scare tactic that was used.  Once the case is dismissed, it’s done – no one will sue me.  The case is done. 

Now I think that is good news but I really find it hard to believe.  I am going to take the advice but if things go south I know who’s door to knock on and ask for help.  I just hope this all plays out well.  For giggles I still check to see if there have been any motions filed in the case and thus far nothing. 

I spoke with the Estate Attorney that I hired and he told me, you need to find yourself another Bankruptcy Attorney.  Yeah not really.  He hasn’t answered my specific questions regarding the Estate.  Bottom line is I think I got scammed and these two were playing off of each other.  Why is it always when your down people kick you or take advantage of you?  I just don’t understand it.  Seems like they would want to help you, rather than hurt you – especially since none of that money went to them.

I am of course very interested to see how this plays out and pray that I am on the right path. Time will of course tell.

Work has been a real bitch today, trying to play catch up for being out a day isn’t fun.  Next week I will be out for two days and hate to see what I will be coming back to.  All I know is that I will have my work email disabled on my phone and won’t be worrying about it while I am off.  I need to make calls to schedule appointments for the vehicles and see about getting an appointment with the foot doctor, be it this month or next. 

I joined Audible again to get Connor Franta’s book.  It’s really good and I have listened to it on the way to work this morning as well as at lunch time.  More on the way home too.  Then I will be moving on to Joey Graceffa’s book next.  Then I am done with Audible for now.  I know that I left a credit behind when I cancelled my membership last time, but apparently credits expire when your membership does.  Would have been nice to know that.  I am not much of a reader and will admit audio books are much more entertaining.  Plus there is just something about hearing certain peoples voices.  Neil Patrick Harris, Connor Franta are both two of my favorites.  Joey well he tends to get a bit femy and that is kind of a turn off for me. 

So here I sit biding my time and waiting to depart the office and jump into rush hour traffic and rain.  A stop to get the mail and then to go home.  Mexican food tonight.  Then a short rest – some sleep mixed in and it will be time to do it all over again tomorrow.  Feels like yesterday was a holiday so my brain thinks today is Monday.  Happy Tuesday, talk with you on Wednesday.

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