10 June 2015

No good deed

Last night I got my Volcano candle.  It felt like a 20 pound weight was mailed to me.  I opened it up and it smelled amazing.  Like an Orange Dreamscicle.  I couldn’t wait to light it and have that smell all over my room.  I got it fired up and it burned for a while.  Pretty soon I went nose blind to the aroma, it was as if I had no candle burning at all.  It’s a very large jar and it will take forever to burn, so hopefully it gets better with time, like wine. 

I took some time to spend with the children last night.  It was great to kick back and not have to worry about a thing.  I watched a movie with Jason Bateman in it called Bad Words.  He is a 40 year old that enters a spelling bee contest.  He talks horribly to some of the parents and does despicable things to the children.  It is a total riot of laughter.  I saw it on demand on Cinemax.  I really don’t use the premium channels that much except to watch series programming like Shameless, Nurse Jackie or Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.  I do look around once and a while on demand to see if there is anything worth my time, usually that is not the case. 

I was up late but not terribly late.  Went to bed with Marv and just as I was starting to fall asleep he started biting me.  I think he is wanting to play or he has some teeth issues.  By the way he bites I know his teeth aren’t going to fall out – it hurts.  I got him to calm down and eventually he left me in protest because I didn’t want to play.  Sorry but my bed is for sleeping or watching TV.

On the work front we have a project that is going on over the weekends and won’t be done now until the start of August.  So my boss is the type that looks for volunteers.  I never volunteer for anything.  Up until now I had been lucky – someone always steps up to the plate.  I am not thrilled about working the weekend but something in me always manages to do what I am told.  I got drafted yesterday.  Two Saturdays – one in July and the other in August.  Not too bad but they are full days from 8-5 and I have to come in.  I mean I could do this from home but it’s just easier to come in.  The best part about it is that I will be paid overtime so it will look nice on a paycheck, that is the only advantage.  Now my therapist and I schedule on weekends so I don’t have to take off work.  I may have a conflict or I may be okay.  I won’t know until Saturday.  There is no extra time off given but you do get to go to a couple of prep meetings that take some time out of your normal daily grind. 

We have our staff meeting this afternoon, I know the project will be mentioned.  Not sure what else will be discussed in the bitch fest as I call it.  In case it’s not obvious I am not a fan of staff meetings because they usually contain complaints, ramblings and changes – none of which I am a fan of.  I just as soon come in, do my job and go home.  Let me be an island and don’t change a damn thing.  However, that isn’t how it works here or any place else.  So I will sit, be quiet unless asked a question, eat my lunch and just laugh all the way to the bank.  I don’t get to actually take a lunch on staff meeting days so they pay us for our lunch time. 

Okay so I got the meeting out of the way.  Not so horrible after all.  Got messages from Amazon that I have packages waiting for me when I get home.  Looking forward to opening them, it’s like Christmas but only in June – except that I already know what is waiting for me.  Still I am anxious.  Who doesn’t like opening packages, it’s better than opening a bill.

This morning I took my life in my own hands just in driving to work.  First, I merged on to the 2nd freeway that I take to get to work and I am in the left lane by default.  I need to enter the right lane.  So I look in the mirror and see that an opening will be coming up.  I put on my turn signal on and keep on watching, it’s safe so I go to make the move and the car in front of me had the same idea, but he didn’t put on his turn signal.  As a result he almost side swiped me.  I kept on going … one of us has to stop and that would be him.  Then a little later I am on the road to work and I notice that we are stopped at a light.  There are two cars in the middle of the road.  Oh crap an accident.  So I called 911 and reported it.  They asked me for a description of the cars, I wanted to say they will be easy to find, they are in the middle of the road and they are all smashed up.  Instead I gave a proper answer.  I see that traffic is going around them.  I pull along side one of the cars as I too am going around them, but I stopped.  I am tapping on the window of the car, honking my horn and no response.  It’s a teenager just chatting away on the damn phone.  Finally I get her attention and tell her that 911 is on the way – she smiles at me.  Meanwhile I still have a green light the guy across the street gets it in his head that he is going to make a left.  Nope not when their is on coming traffic, left turn is to yield.  He pulls out as I am getting ready to enter the intersection.  Again a near miss and once again I didn’t stop.  People are crazy!  So I made it safe and sound.  Despite all of this I was still a 1/2 hour early and that came in handy because there were things to do before my shift started.  I’m loving the overtime.  Makes me never want to get out in traffic again, but come 5:30 I will be doing exactly that. 

I got my name in on the sign up sheet for the massage therapist or as I learned yesterday massage the rapist.  Yeah never caught that.  Anyway I will be stopping at the bank tonight to get money out for that so I already know even before I consider traffic that I will be late getting home.  :(  Ah well, everyone and everything will be there waiting for me.  I just look forward to getting out of my clothes.  Nothing says freedom like that.  Plus it’s wicked hot out.  We skipped spring and went straight to summer, which is a common thing here.  Last nights dinner was a frozen Italian Dinner, not bad but not filling enough.  Tonight I think time depending I will have Chicken Pot Pie.  That is always good and filling, then I won’t want desert or at least I won’t have room for it.  This week appears to be going by super fast, can’t believe that tomorrow will be Traffic Thursday.  Yeah there is some big event here in the city where I work and they are shutting down a good part of traffic, so getting home tomorrow will be next to impossible but we will get it done, it’s just going to take a lot of patience.  I will be backing in tomorrow to hopefully make an easier escape.

Now on to the phones and down with the afternoon.  Home to packages, cats and candles oh and frozen food.  :)

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Jude said...

I'm not a fan of staff meetings either, I'd rather be working.

Have a good week!