29 June 2015

2 Hell in a hand basket

By the title you can tell what kind of day I am having.  It’s not good!  First, someone got ransom ware on their PC.  They were told to never power the machine back up and not to ever put it on the network.  Someone tried to do me a favor and image a new machine but they didn’t test the PC and the image didn’t complete correctly.  So I have had to reimage it twice now.  I am hopeful that the 2nd time for me is the charm.

I am traveling tomorrow.  It’s 2 hours up and 2 hours back.  An easy days work.  The hard part is trying to figure out if I need any kind of security clearance to get items out of the building.  No one knows, but we take stuff out all the time.  They referred the matter to our HR department.  They are 5 hours away and work in a different environment.  So how are they supposed to know?  I’ve got lots of stuff to put in my car so all I can say is look out I’m coming through.

There was a surprise presentation this morning but I took care of that with no problems.  Found out that a co-worker was in a car accident on the way to work this morning.  She’s okay but had to be checked out.  I don’t have any other details and probably won’t get them until Wednesday.

This week should be a quick one.  With a day of travel and the holiday it’s like I am only working 3 days, just like last week.  I just hope when next Monday rolls around things are a little bit calmer.  My 2 co-workers that are in IT will both be out on vacation next week.  That means that I can leave early if I so chose and no one will be the wiser. 

I should have known coming back from a couple days off would be a struggle because Marvin crapped in my room last night.  The he made me get out of bed and let him out.  It was in my path of walking but some how I managed to avoid it like the plague.  Easy clean up.  I left the house early and arrived with some decent time to spare.  It’s been down hill ever since. 

The left side of my nose is trying to form a pimple and it’s sore.  I can’t believe I am in my 40’s and still have to deal with acne.  It never ends.  Thankfully my battle was not nearly as bad as my brothers.  I would do all sorts of crazy things with my acne.  One time I popped one with a pair of pliers, it hurt like hell but that’s it no fuss.  He could pop one and 7 more would show up.  He had it really bad.  Everyone said I would have scarring and I don’t have any.  His face is a different story, he has all of the acne scars.  However, he had the higher metabolism so he has always been thin.  I’d like to trade now and get his metabolism, I will keep my present completion. 

Well time to go back to the fun and hopefully get this laptop done so that I can go home on time tonight.  Tomorrow will be a short day.  4 hours on the road and it will probably take me an hour or two tops while I am there.  I have no plans to come in to the office afterward, it will just be the perk of having to travel.  Plus they will pay for my mileage, which will be very nice.  I get a meal allowance as well but I don’t know if I will use that.  Mileage is much more important to me.  Got to help pay for those expensive rubbers I just bought. 

Have a good day, talk with you all again soon.

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