04 June 2015


I finished off the pie last night, despite being old it was still very much good.  I also got my BBQ on.  I wished that I wouldn’t have bought bargain buns because they were going stale.  Last time I got bread that was made fresh in store from the upscale store and it lasted a whole lot longer.  Not exactly sure why.  In any case great meal.

My new glasses are in.  That was very fast.  I wish that I could pick them up today but they will have to wait until Saturday.  Let’s hope that I make it out of bed at a decent hour before noon or they will be there another whole week. 

Bear made another mess but this time he used the pad.  I was able to clean him up with some paper towels so things weren’t that bad.  However, he could use another bath.  Poor guy I wish he could groom himself in back, that would help me out a lot.  He doesn’t even try, he just takes care of the front.  I’m okay with our arrangement but I would say that I got the bad end. 

On my way home yesterday I got a voice mail.  I was hoping beyond hope that it was the Bankruptcy attorney but nope, it was my unemployed friend.  He was calling to chat.  I called him back but took care of a few home items first.  Then he wasn’t around.  He calls back at 8:45 and yacks until almost 10:30.  I had to tell him I needed to go, my bed was calling and I had to answer it.  Nothing new in his world, other than he changed his resume up and he is starting to get hits again.  Recruiters are submitting his resumes and he is waiting to get the calls for interviews.  Each time he calls I hope that he is going to tell me that he got a job.  That would be music to my ears.  Since he is unemployed he’s bored and I get that – been there.  We have talked more since he has been unemployed than we did when he was working and I was unemployed.  From a financial perspective things are starting to come down to the wire for him.  I think he sees the error of his way.  He said that he can get through part of next month and then he would have to cash in his Wife’s 401k.  Not sure how long that will allow him to last but if nothing comes soon after that then he will be out of luck.  Personally if I were him and made the decision to quit my job, I would go ahead and file Bankruptcy.  That would get rid of all of the credit card debt that he is paying.  He lives on credit and then makes the minimum monthly payment.  That is money that he could be saving and putting towards something like house payments or food.  I really just wished he would have listened to me and NOT quit, then I think things would be different.  I still think he would be unemployed but it would be because he was fired and he could collect unemployment. 

I made lunch plans with a co-worker for tomorrow.  Were going to the Calzone place – it was really good last time.  I am kind of looking forward to it and getting out of the office and walking, well that is just an added perk.  Let’s just hope that it’s not raining or that could be a deal breaker. 

So that is the long and short of things.  Another boring day in my life.  I am getting more stuff from Amazon delivered, so it will be like a little Christmas when I get home.  Hopefully there aren’t bills mixed in with the goodies.  I know they are coming but never ready to receive them.  Not much going on today at work, things are quiet & calm at the moment.  I think they will stay like that for the rest of the week.  I’ve got an inventory task to do but really don’t want to, so I am putting it off until tomorrow.  It sounds like the type of task that is tailor made for a Friday.  At least that is what I am telling myself.  It will suck no matter when I do it but I would rather do it when things are quiet so I can concentrate on getting it done and not have to worry about interruptions. 

Well I am going back to it or to nap time, one of the two.  Talk with you peeps later.  I am so sleepy.

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