19 June 2015

Crazy Days

Yesterday and again today have been crazy.  I had two networking issues going on yesterday at the office, mix that in with the rest of a normal day and it went from 0 to 120 in about 8 seconds flat.  It was truly a whirlwind day.  This morning I found out about an office move at the very last minute and had to scramble to accommodate that.  I worked up quite a sweat but got the job done. 

My review is in.  Turns out there were no surprises.  It was a rave review and in all but 1 category I scored the highest rating.  It was very straight forward.  My boss set goals for me, of course they do that without talking with you first.  I was told that for being so new I am doing a phenomenal job.  Quite a change from where I was a year ago.  I never got positive feedback like this in my last job, it was all about ‘getting the job done’ and there might have been a thanks tossed in once and a while.  I am appreciated and needed here.  Things couldn’t have worked out better for me.  Now the two areas that I don’t like won’t be going away anytime soon.  So I will either have to suck it up or look for another job.  Right now looking for another job doesn’t sound like the best thing to do.  I have the confidence to believe that things would be okay if I signed up for car payments or any other long term contract type service or product.  That doesn’t mean I am going to do it, but it sure does make it attractive.

Part of my reasoning behind not wanting to reward myself with a new car are being held back by fear.  What if things turn sour with this Bankruptcy business and I need money to pay for legal bills.  Better to know that you can afford it and have it in reserve than to commit it to something and then wonder how you will come up with the money when the crisis arises.  It’s no surprise that the Bankruptcy attorney hasn’t responded to the certified letter and there have been no motions filed with the court at the time I am posting this.  While I already know my plan of attack, I don’t have to show my cards to him.  I am still going to press him and see if I can’t find out why he is doing nothing.  That is rather difficult when he has turned into being non responsive.  Maybe he thinks I will just give up and go away, but I will pester him until he either cracks or it is proving to be pointless.  Right now there is still time for him to act, maybe I can cajole him into action.  I just don’t understand why he would tell me one thing and then do nothing. 

Today is Momma’s birthday.  If my figures are correct 12 years ago I brought her into the house.  We were in a heat wave, she was miserable and very pregnant.  I just decided enough with this living outside crap – bring her indoors so she could have her children and then we could figure things out.  I didn’t anticipate that someone would give them names and that we would wind up keeping them all.  It’s been a very long and bumpy road.  We almost lost Momma once when she decided to stop eating.  Thankfully with the help of the vet we were able to nurse her back to health.  She is as playful today as she was 12 years ago after she had her children.  Before the kids were born she was in no mood to play and you couldn’t pet her below her neck, if you did she would squeal and growl.  I guess it hurt or she was afraid.  I remember that she went ape shit on my because I touched her belly.  I wanted to strike back but I just looked at her and backed away.  She got the point that I wasn’t happy and I got that point that she didn’t want to be messed with.  She is my cat and she follows me most everywhere I go in the house.  Always wanting to be by my side.  She knows who saved her and she is very thankful.  I wished her a happy birthday this morning and rubbed her a little bit.  She ate it up.  I don’t think she understands about today but I am doing my very best to let her know that I am proud of her and that I appreciate her.  Not just today but everyday.  The fun will continue when I get to wish all 4 kids a happy birthday on Sunday. 

Very thankful today is Friday.  I need to rest.  My upper back is driving me nuts with muscle spasms.  I took 1/2 of a muscle relaxer last night along with 1 sleeping pill.  That was a goodnight cocktail if there ever was one.  Tonight I am opting to take a full muscle relaxer in the hopes that I can knock this out.  I know it will make me want to sleep all day but I am fine with that.  If I can get moving tomorrow I’d like to have my glasses adjusted they are rubbing and digging into the side of my head, it hurts to the point where I take them off and don’t want to put them back on.  That is the only real thing on the to do list.  I have my usual weekend chores and tasks that need to be accomplished.  Next week is only 3 days long for me.  Off on Thursday going to take both vehicles in for service in the morning.  Then in the afternoon I will be going to see the doctor.  He is making me come in to get the order for the blood work because he says it’s been 6 months since I have been in.  I know that isn’t right but why argue.  He really wants to see me every 3 months but all we need to do is test my blood, you don’t need to see me unless I am having a problem.  Friday I have a therapy session scheduled.  Then the weekend is wide open and anything is possible.  I am seriously thinking of renting a carpet cleaner and getting the rugs in order – despite the fact that they are pretty well ruined and there is no point in replacing them until the pets are gone or unless I want to switch to a wood floor or a laminate.  Looking at them being dirty is kind of a huge turn off for me.  I don’t have house guests but if I should at least the place would be semi in order. 

I finished Joey’s book on the way in this morning.  I enjoyed hearing about his dating life that was rather interesting.  He iterated much of the same advice that I have heard before.  It is a good read for kids and adults.  I thought that it wouldn’t be as good as Connor Franta’s book but actually it was.  I liked them both but Joey went into much more detail about his life.  The next book to look forward to is Tyler Oakley’s.  That should be a scream and very interesting. 

It is raining here once again and will continue for the remainder of the day.  There is lots of flooding going on.  Thankfully none of that directly affects me thus far.  So long as I can make it home I will be fine.  The weekend is supposed to be filled with sunshine, which will be a very welcome change and something that people here will very much appreciate.  Then next week looks like more rain for the first part of the week.  Of course it’s a forecast so it’s subject to change.  I am ready for a nap but it’s time to get back to work.  Were on the downhill slide so it’s not terrible, I just want the hours to tick by a little faster. 

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope all is well in the world and that the sun is shining where you are at.  Hang in there, I will do the same and our paths shall cross again soon.  Take care.

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Jude said...

Last evening we finally got some rain for a change! Only lasted about a half hour but it was a good soaking for our parched lawns and gardens.

Is that Bankruptcy attorney within driving distance? I'd show up on his doorstep, then he CAN'T ignore me. ;)