07 June 2015

Your Opinion, Please….

So I have been journaling my life and events that occur in it.  I am perfectly fine with covering that subject.  However, I think that maybe you might want to hear about something else, at least every once and a while.  If I am correct, don’t be shy.  Leave a comment and let me know what you’d like to hear more of.  I am open to most anything, but just because you submit a topic doesn’t guarantee that I will write about it. 

I think that it’s good to take a step back and ask for your input so that I don’t ramble on and bore you to death. 

This is my blog but I want it to be a place where everyone can come to and get something from it.  At the risk of being inundated with responses, I am changing the security on the comments, so that anyone can leave a comment but that will only be in place for a few days.  Then were back to business as usual.

I hope to hear from you.  Thanks for your readership, it means more to me than you know.

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