12 June 2015


So we made it through another week and to what is my favorite day of the week.  Friday!  Thus far it’s a good day.  Things are slow and calm, which is the way I like the week to end.  Now that was just the morning.  It’s still anyone’s guess as to how the afternoon will play out.  As per usual I am sifting through a ton of e-mail.  We use it like it’s going out of style and while it’s a great way to collaborate, it’s also used to tell jokes and spread humor.  I rarely participate in those types of e-mails because I find them to be a waste of my time.  Once you respond, then someone has to comment on what you said and the chain keeps on going.  I’m surprised at the things our boss is copied in on by the rest of my team.  I am a stick to business type of person.  I actually got an e-mail today.  I found xyz and I know it’s technology related.  What should I do with it (and please be nice when responding).  Yeah that was the actual email.  I am always nice, even though I could have said a number of things.  Those aren’t appropriate responses and once you put it in writing it can come back to bite you. 

Last night I got the email returned to me that I sent to my late partners Bankruptcy attorney indicating that it wasn’t opened.  So I am sending a Certified Letter to him first thing tomorrow.  He should have it early next week and hopefully that will invoke a response.  I am thinking to myself that there is something seriously wrong if I have 3 attorneys ignoring me.  1 Being my late partners Bankruptcy Attorney, 2. The Estate Attorney that I hired and 3. The 3rd party attorney that I was referred to from work.  It just screams PROBLEM.  Which is of great concern because I don’t know how that impacts me.  If I knew for sure then perhaps I would be able to relax a bit.  Hopefully answers come sooner rather than later.  I am expecting a notice of non payment in the mail any day now.  I don’t want to fork over anymore money but if it’s in my best interest I reluctantly will.  If I could reopen the case once it was closed then that would make life easier but since it’s not my case once it’s closed we are done and there are no do over’s.  Remember those when you were a kid.  If only life would allow do over’s!

I’ve lined up my strategy for Saturday.  Provided I get up early then I will be able to make it to the DMV and the Post Office with more than enough time to get to my therapy appointment.  Who knows might even be able to squeeze in breakfast.  Looking forward to wearing my pride shirt – it looks awesome.  Interested to see what if any reaction I get.  It’s a bold step for me to take, but it’s one that I have wanted to take for a while. 

Earlier this week I saw an article from one of the many tech sources I subscribe to for news that a child’s toy can be used to hack your garage door opener within seconds.  This only applies if you don’t have a system that uses rolling codes, security or security plus.  Well I did some digging and it looks like my system is protected but I have those dreaded dip switches so I think that I am not protected.  While no one has ever broken in, I am security conscious as one should be.  We always leave the door to the house unlocked and enter and exit through the garage.  Once I read that article I started locking the door when I leave.  I’ve got the house alarm but if you open the door, the alarm goes off, you being the burglar freak out and leave, that invites predators' in to my home plus it is an invitation for the cats to escape.   My main concern is the cats escaping, that would hurt and anger me because the chances that they would all come back and be well or alive would be very low.  Then again they might not leave because they have been raised indoors.  Momma might get out but she knows how to defend herself.  So last night I have to pee, I have my hands full and forgot about this new procedure.  I wasn’t happy that I had to fish for a key to get in.  I didn’t think I would make it.  I was doing it in the dark and trying to line up the key with the lock well that was another challenge.  I’m thinking a few more times like that and I will go back to the old method that served us well for years. 

Speaking of home, apparently there is a low turn out this year for paying homeownership dues.  The sign that reminded us to pay by the end of last month is still up and says that dues are payable by May 31.  Someone put a note on the sign but I didn’t get a chance to read it yesterday as I was going to work.  By the time I got home it was removed.  I wish they would take their stupid sign away.  People know about the dues and leaving that sign there won’t do anything but piss people off.  We really don’t need a homeowner’s association in my opinion.  We do have some common ground that requires mowing, but that is it.  I say give it to the city and let it become their problem.  Then if someone gets injured, which hasn’t happened yet they can sue the city.  We can all save our money and go about our lives.  I am waiting for it to all fall apart but that will probably take years before I see it happen.

Last night Orange is the New Black was out on early release.  I saw the first episode and wow if that is the way things are going to be, this season is going to suck.  They took it very slow but perhaps the plot will thicken.  I will be finding out at lunch and then again this weekend as I will be watching.  One of the guys here at work that I have a mad crush on heard me talking about it and chatted me up.  He kind of reminds me of the guy from the pet food store, before I knew he was gay we chatted about the show.  The guy at work is married and straight or so I think.  I still can’t get rid of my feelings for him but it doesn’t mean that I have to act on them, but I would really like to he is so fine. 

Around 2am Bear woke me up.  I sat straight up in bed and he got me up from a very deep sleep.  He crapped in my room and wanted me to know about it.  I got it all cleaned up and then he started crying and I looked at him, turns out he needed to be cleaned up as well.  I think we are approaching bath time again.  I also think that we are getting close to carpet cleaning time.  It’s kind of pointless because they will just mess it up again but seeing the carpet clean is a great feeling.  So I am debating on what to do. 

Traffic yesterday was so easy I had no worries at all and wish that every night was like that.  They added hype and made it sound like it would be a real mess but no.  It was the easiest commute out of the garage I have had since I started here.  So now that my guard is down I pulled into a spot instead of backing in and tonight there will probably be a line of cars.  Hey at least I got a good spot.  I also got here a 1/2 hour early, which is always good.  Too bad that I can’t leave a 1/2 hour early because I would.  I chatted up some co-workers this morning so I wasn’t on the clock.  Typically something will come up and require my attention and then I bill for that.  Otherwise I just pass the time until I have to flip the switch at my start time.

Rain is in the forecast for today through most of next week.  I hope we don’t float away.  I will be keeping my umbrella handy.  I hope that you enjoy your weekend and I am going to try to enjoy mine.  Hopefully I can work in some naps, which is always a positive thing.  Take care and be well.  Talk with you peeps again soon.

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