09 June 2015


I still didn’t hear anything from the ‘other’ lawyer.  I thought about things and remembered that I had to hire an Estate Attorney upon the death of my partner.  That case is still open, so I figured why not bounce things off of that guy as well.  This way if I get back two opinions that say the same thing, well then I will just feel that more confident.  I told the Estate Attorney a little more than I should have but the email was clearly marked as confidential – attorney/client privileged information.  Fearing that he would want to reach out to the Bankruptcy guy, I told him not to unless he clears it with me first.  I explained that our relationship has been rocky and that I didn’t want to go poking a sleeping rabid dog.  You got to love that rabid dog as a euphemism for an attorney.  I got a receipt this morning that the message was read.  No response as of yet.  I am expecting to hear a, you will have to come in for this.  Yeah, ain’t nobody got time to come in, I work for a living. 

As per usual I arrived home last night and Bear has made his Monday mess.  I think it’s the Rutin that is doing it to him.  So I am experimenting with not giving him his evening dose, things seem to happen more often and they are solid so far.  If that works then we will stick with it.  I hate playing with his medicine because if something happens then I will blame myself.  Truth be told no matter how much I prepare myself I will never be ready to part with Bear or any of the others.  Knowing that day is coming a little sooner rather than later with Bear makes no difference.  I do make it a point to single him out before I leave and give him some extra attention, because I realize that could be the last time I see him. 

I also found out that we had a power outage.  The microwave won’t let you cook a damn thing until you enter in the time and the date.  There is no skipping or bypassing that.  So I had to make sure that all of the clocks were okay.  I was thankful that I turned off all of my printers (except the cheap laser) the night before.  They use ink when they power cycle and things were stormy on Sunday night thought for sure we would lose power, but it never happened.  With the power outage also came some TV trouble.  My wireless TV Receiver lost it’s link so I had to go back through setup again twice in order for it to finally link up.  My back was killing me at this point and then of all times, the phone rings.  All I wanted to do was relax and watch TV.  It was a friend calling so we talked for an hour and then I called it a night.  No Marvin last night, just Bear.  I was kind of lonely.  Hopefully things will go back to normal tonight. 

My property tax bill has been paid, I got confirmation yesterday and an e-mail today.  I found out that the bank automatically gets the notices so I was just told file it away and they will take it from there.  Kind of nice to know.  Plus I took a second look at my Escrow account and found that there is plenty of money in there to cover taxes and insurance so there isn’t a problem like I had first thought.  It makes a difference when you look at the current balance vs the balance last month. 

Yesterday afternoon I spoke with Amazon about my headset order and turns out the package is now considered lost.  Yeah well you only printed a label, you never actually had a package.  In any event they gave me my money back and cancelled the order.  I could re order and get the items for the same price and they would also credit shipping if I wanted.  I purchased a different item and shipping was covered under Prime.  Being the Amazon Whore that I am I also managed to order myself a new Rollerball Pen.  I know I didn’t need it but I have had my eye on it for a while so I figured why not.  No one is going to treat me to anything, so might as well treat myself.  I think I am done for now with Amazon.  Funny didn’t I just say that like a day or two ago. 

Think I might have mentioned this yesterday but we were all notified that traffic would be a message getting out of work.  Well last night was simple as pie.  I hope that the remaining nights are the same.  However, due to road closures on Thursday I know that will be a bitch of a traffic day.  So I plan to back in that day to make it easier to leave.  Actually I’d love to either go home early to avoid it or call in – but it’s a little traffic.  This too shall pass.

Tuesday is going okay so far.  We are getting closer to lunch and I always look forward to food, even if it’s the same old sandwich.  I got some cheese cubes to help change it up a bit.  Plus I am finishing off some Tapioca pudding that I got last week in a moment of weakness.  It’s really good.  Then there is this mountain of grapes that I need to chew on.  That will take me a couple days and then I can start on Nectarines that I got this week. 

Supper last night was a frozen Italian dinner.  Not bad, but not what I had in mind.  Tonight will be a toss up as well.  I am not fixed on any one thing in particular, so it will be whatever strikes my fancy.  My volcano candle has been delivered so I look forward to picking that up and seeing what all of the rage was about.  Hopefully it doesn’t make me sneeze.  I’ve spied on Bear today and saw that he left me a present.  He was laying in front of the basement steps and was wagging his tail.  He normally doesn’t wag so I am not sure what that was all about.  Just so long as he is okay I am happy. 

I really could use the massage therapist today.  My upper back is killing me from all of the work last night with the TV.  I took some ibuprofen but that has only taken a little of the pain away.  I think some rubbing would do me wonders.  Thankfully she comes on Thursday so I have that to look forward to.  I just need to remember to stop and get money either tonight or tomorrow night for sure. 

There you have it another completed post.  I am washing my hands and getting ready to dive into my lunchbox.  Then the food coma will set in and I will want a nap.  Then before you know my afternoon phone shift will be here and then it will be time to go home, where I will yawn the entire way home.  Rinse, repeat.  I hope all is well in your world and that your managing to stay cool with the hot weather.  It’s supposed to be in the 90’s today here.  That will give the AC a work out along with my wallet.  Talk with you all again soon. 

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