17 June 2015

Audio Books

I managed to tear through Connor Franta’s book.  With the rainy and slow drive home it gave me extra listening time.  I learned a little bit more about this You tuber.  The overall thought that I took away was be yourself and don’t be afraid to try new things.  If your not happy then your not living.  Lots of familiar sounding themes that I have heard previously.  I will admit that I am not the general demographic that this book is targeted to, so with that I will say the advice is on point and should help a lot of younger adults. 

This morning I moved on to Joey Graceffa’s book.  Thus far I find it interesting.  We have more in common than I thought.  Joey’s book is much longer so needless to say it’s going to take longer to get through.  I am looking forward to lunch so that I can get more listening time in. 

In the mail yesterday was the green card that showed my letter was delivered to the Bankruptcy attorney.  He signed for it himself.  When you call you get voice mail.  So it sounds like he is winding up his practice to me.  He apparently no longer has support staff or if he does they are truly hidden from the general public.  What I don’t understand in all of this is that he kept spewing the same thing pay in x amount and we can then petition the court for a hardship discharge.  Now that amount has been paid in, he suddenly doesn’t want to do the job he was hired to do and represent his client to the best of his abilities.  I don’t understand why you would tell someone something have them follow your advice and then when it’s time for you to step up to the plate, your not there to do your part.  So I am mad and hurt by his inactions.  I am waiting to see if I get any response.  If I do I will be surprised.  If nothing comes through shortly I will start calling on a daily basis like a bill collector trying to evoke a response.  Finally I will send him one last letter that will simply ask why have you failed your client.  Why am I after him when I found out yesterday that all should be okay?  Well it’s the fact that he promised to do something and now he’s not doing it.  If he followed through on his part and things went the way I think they would, then there wouldn’t be a worry in the world.  Granted what I was told yesterday does bring some comfort but I am just not one to take that advice and be calm about it.  I like absolutes (not the vodka) and right now I am dealing with variables which causes me to worry.  There is one year left in the Bankruptcy case before it would normally conclude but I see no reason to continue throwing my money away.  It would be different if I was dealing with Estate money but there is no estate – I am it.  He left nothing behind but debt and worldly possessions.  Which I suspect is very common when people depart this world.

I watched a movie last night and enjoyed what little time I had at home.  The weather here is wet – more rain than one place on earth needs at one time.  That is what is in the foreseeable future.  People being dumb driving into flooded roads getting killed and stranded.  Like other severe weather people seem to loose their mind like they never saw water before.  I just keep an extra eye out and drive slower than normal.  The roads I take are fine, just wet.  Nothing like driving in the rain it’s like world’s largest inchworm moving at a speed slower than a turtle. 

Well back to the old bump and grind.  Happy hump day.  Talk with you all again soon.

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