25 June 2015

Day 1 of 2–Vacation

The theme for today is expensive!

I was sleep deprived because Momma woke me up in the middle of the night when she decided to declare war on a toy and started playing.  I wasn’t happy, it was 3am and I was sleeping really good.  I got up to use the bathroom and then kicked her out of my room.  I was left with Gator & Marv.  I closed the door and was able to sleep for a few more hours, which felt like minutes.  My brain started to engage and I was thinking about work and this and that, it was just hard to turn it off. 

So I’m up eating breakfast feeding the children and getting ready to leave for the car dealer.  I arrived at the dealership and began the long wait.  I swear today was Upsell Thursday.  Everyone in the waiting room had something they ‘found’ wrong with their car.  A battery here, a leaking hose there.  For me it was a Belt Tensioner.  Turns out this little part has been loose and that is what made my car sound like I was driving a bus rather than a car.  They had to special order the part and I waited while it was shipped in from a nearby source.  Then I got the damage total  - wow!  $274 oil change, tire rotation, belt tensioner.  Then they dropped the bomb and told me that I needed new tires but could wait until the next oil change.  Panic set in.  I knew this was coming but didn’t expect it now.  They marked 2 of the tires RED meaning they needed immediate attention. 

On the drive home, I stopped at the post office to fetch the mail.  Got my window repair kit.  I made the repair but don’t have a lot of confidence in it.  I was thinking about throwing caution to the wind and just buying a new vehicle, it would be so much simpler and I wouldn’t have to worry about tires.  Then reality set in and I realized I’d have a car payment that I was committed to.  The car has served me well and knock wood hopefully it will continue. 

I was supposed to return with what used to be my partners vehicle but since I had the unexpected repair and the extra wait, I couldn’t take being held hostage like that again.  So I opted for tomorrow.  That gave me time to review finances, grab lunch for me and the kids and squeeze in a power nap. 

Made it to the doctor’s office.  Saw a speed trap on the way over so I took my sweet time when I was going home, wouldn’t you know it the trap was all gone.  My appointment was at2pm I was 20 minutes early.  The doctor was a little over a half hour late.  Held hostage again. 

On the way home I drove to the tire shop.  It was about 3:30 then and they said an hour to an hour and a half.  It was 6:30 when they got me out of there.  While I was a little ticked they gave me the alignment for 1/2 off.  I saw a guy take off with my car.  I told the cashier jokingly that someone stole my car.  He got even with me by telling me that the guy was hungry and was going to get all of us food.  I guess he was puzzled at my reaction.  I just had the look on my face ARE YOU FUCKING KIDING ME.  Yeah he was.  He spoke up quickly before I had a chance to react.  It was just a road test to make sure that everything was quiet.  In addition to the 1/2 price alignment, I got $40 off and a mail in rebate for $60 which I was able to submit electronically – so I saved the cost of a stamp & envelope.  Nice!  That was $504

I stopped for gas as well but that was a drop in the bucket with all of the other money I had spent today.  I am ready for the poor house.  Seriously, I’ve got the money in savings not sure if I will part with it when the bill comes but I will get the bill paid somehow.  I just hate disturbing my savings. 

I wanted to go out to eat for supper but talked myself out of it because there are storms moving into the area and I just wanted to get home to the children.  Tomorrow I might go out. 

All in all not a bad day.  Just went by quickly with all of the waiting and driving.  Tomorrow will be a little better. 

I’ve got the other vehicle appointment early.  Then therapy and then I am free.  I want to get my ears lowered, need to pick up momma’s medicine and have some fun.  Not exactly sure what have fun means at this point but hopefully I am successful at that.

Saturday I will have my blood drawn, which won’t be any fun at all.  My doc suggested that I see a podiatrist for my continuing foot problem.  He tested me for neuropathy but turned up negative.  He thinks that it’s not gout but were checking my uric acid levels anyway.  I mean he put it in my chart that I have gout but told me to my face that I don’t have it.  So I am puzzled.  The pain is manageable which means that I will delay the podiatrist but will make it there eventually.  I am seriously concerned that I won’t have enough PTO to make it through the rest of the year.  I need to figure that out quickly.

I did find out weeks ago that we have a doc in the box on site at the office.  It’s totally 100% free and there is a mini Walgreens setup next door so you can get your medicine and be on your way.  The drugs you have to pay for but the doctor which is actually a nurse practionier is free.  That is pretty sweet – I guess the idea is sick or not come to work, you can always go home. 

Tuesday morning I got the scare of my life.  I always leave the house with a cold soda in hand when I am headed to work.  I walked towards the front door and popped the top on the soda.  The burglar alarm went off.  The glass break sensor picked up the pop and thought it was glass breaking (which has a very distinct sounds) and the alarm went off.  My hand started shaking and soda went everywhere.  I was frozen for a minute and then reacted by turning the alarm off.  I needed to leave and try to be early that day but it didn’t happen.  I had to wait to see if I was going to get a call or if I cancelled the alarm in time.  Sure enough cancelled in time.  Now riddle me this why will a soda trip the glass break detector but I can be watching a movie with the alarm set and glass breaks on TV and nothing happens here.  I’ve turned up the sound on purpose but still nothing.  Makes no sense to me.  I guess it’s nice to know the alarm works.  Not exactly the way I wanted to start the morning but I got through it okay.

Yesterday I found out that I could add Corbin Fisher to my ROKU Player.  I was seriously excited about this.  Now I can watch streaming porn in my living room or in my bedroom.  That makes for a much better environment and a little more enjoyment. 

Nothing new in the Bankruptcy Department.  I check every day just to make sure no objections have been filed.  I am so eager to see how this ends.  I hope it’s favorable to me regardless of the result.  At least I will be away from the crazy loon bankruptcy attorney and that will be a very good thing. 

It’s well past my normal time of passing out treats, so I guess I should go before the children start to panic and I have a riot of meows and cats following me around.  Here’s to tomorrow and having some fun!  Hopefully, it will be a far less expensive day.

Happy Friday eve or Happy Friday – depending upon when your reading this.  Take care and I will talk with you all again soon.  Be well.

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