22 June 2015


I heard from the Bankruptcy Attorney, he is pissed at me because I stopped making payments.  He said that is not my decision to make and that I shouldn’t arbitrarily make those decisions as it will impact the case.  My answer is its my fucking money and I will spend it as I see fit.  He finally got up off his lazy ass and filed the motion for Hardship Discharge.  Now because there isn’t actually enough money paid in this could be rejected. He said that the trustee objected originally but has since had a change of heart and will not oppose the motion.  If all of that is true then there should be nothing to worry about.  Because the case will be discharged.  So they don’t need any more money.  He spelled out in the motion that the debtor is dead, that the court was notified about it and that the probate estate has run out of funds.  The probate estate never existed but now he claims to represent the probate estate in his motion when he is a Bankruptcy attorney and not a Probate attorney.  I think he is a fucking asshole and I can’t wait to get away from him. 

I obtained a copy of the motion and viewed it with my own eyes so I know for a fact that it was filed.  This is what I have been waiting on since March it’s June.  Just think if he would have followed through and done his job back in March then this wouldn’t be such a huge issue.  He said that the creditors haven’t been paid enough money.  Yeah well I see it differently they have been paid far too much money because it was all my money.  It came directly out of my pocket and therefore I feel as if he should have filed this motion 2 years ago instead of waiting, but that is my opinion.  The law doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to us common folk.  All I know is I want this motion granted and then my troubles with this Bankruptcy business are over with and there will be no worry.  If the motion isn’t granted then the case will be dismissed for non-payment, unless I suddenly feel the need to throw away more money.  Either way this is coming to an end it’s just a matter of how it will end.

It’s just been a crazy day over all.  I had a Spinach & Mushroom pizza last night and will be finishing it off tonight.  Found frozen Frisco Melts from Steak N Shake in the grocery store yesterday. So I guess you could say good things are happening.

The kids rang in another birthday and while I am sure they didn’t understand what I meant when I wished each of the a happy birthday, I did it to keep up the tradition.  The day is winding down, time to run because were just a little swamped

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