22 May 2015

Weekend starts early

I got the official word that our office is closing 2 hour early so I get to leave at 3:30p, which will be wonderful.  I can go home and take a nap.  I thought that we were going to close early but wasn’t for sure.  I had some business to tend to but since I wasn’t for sure, I took care of it via mail.  So this morning I got woke up a little after 5:30a someone was having all kinds of issues but it didn’t look urgent to me so I elected to ignore it.  Then the pages just kept coming after that.  Nothing that I had to respond to.  I was in the shower and the phone was still going nuts. 

The commute was fairly easy.  You had to keep an eye out for the police.  They are out and in force, which is typical the Friday before a holiday weekend.  It’s like the best time to use a radar detector.  Although there was one sneaky guy this morning that my detector didn’t spot until I was on top of him and by then it was too late.  I was speeding but so were the other cars passing him.  I hate having to speed up only to slow down.

I got a call from my friend who is looking for a job.  He had a phone interview yesterday and they asked him to come for an in person in the afternoon.  Same day 2 interviews – it’s a good sign.  However, some of the things he tells me makes me think that he isn’t coming off well received in the interviews.  He is kind of jaded and has a little bit of a chip on his shoulder.  He has years of experience but what he has failed to realize is that he isn’t in the drivers seat.  He wants a job so bad he can taste it.  The interviewer made a remark about how they think he will be bored.  He didn’t know what to say to that.  I told him that it was a shock value question and he should have come back with something like oh I am sure there is plenty to do here, I would find something or ask others if I can help them with anything.  Those are the types of answers hiring managers are looking to hear, it’s like the best thing ever.  He just sat there like a lump and was at a loss for words.  He doesn’t understand why they play mind games.  I told him they want to catch you off guard and see how well you react to pressure or stress.  That type of questioning is designed to rattle you but you can’t let it or at least you can’t let it show.  He made the remark to me that if he doesn’t get this job then he is going to contact a professional resume writer.  Yeah well I helped him with his resume and while he tried to copy my format it didn’t quite come off so good.  I polished it up and made it more presentable.  Then I find out that he is using a slightly different version.  Well I wasn’t terribly happy about that, but honestly I have done all I can do.  The job of finding a job is totally up to him.  So I don’t mind listening but he is so negative that it gets depressing.  Plus he is one of those people who once you connect with him, you might as well pack a lunch because you will be on the phone for hours, no matter how many times you try to hang up, he always has to end the conversation  The word control freak applies.  Still he is a good friend, despite his flaws  We all have them.

I also got an invite to a BBQ from another friend for Monday.  I told him that I wasn’t sure that I could make it.  I didn’t feel welcome last time and everyone raves about his cooking but I think it sucks.  For the last 2 years I have eaten a partially cooked hamburger.  I am just not up for that again.  Unless I really have a bad case of cabin fever or he calls me and tells me that he will have male strippers, I think I will just opt to spend the day at home.  I am saving Monday for running to the grocery store.  I plan on doing cat food shopping this afternoon.  Lets hope that is quick and painless. 

No call back yet from the attorney and still nothing has been filed with the court.  The longer this goes on the madder I get.  Filing complaints will get me no where fast, so I just have to wait on this bastard to decide today is the day that he is going to talk with me.  I hate waiting and the longer the pause the more I think I will get bad news.  I want to walk away and wash my hands of it.  That would be a gamble and risky at that, which is why I elected to pay to get to the point where the dumb ass files the motion with the court and we take our chances.  Unless he fell down a flight of stairs and is in the hospital there is no acceptable reason why this should take this long and require that much follow up effort on my part.  However, I find that with persistence comes answers.  You might not get them when you want them, but you will get them eventually.  With all of the shit I have been through trying to close out my late partners life, it’s a wonder that my head hasn’t exploded.

On that note, I hope that everyone has a great weekend.  We shall talk again soon. 

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