27 May 2015

Another Day Another Dollar

For some strange reason I can’t get Windows Live Writer to communicate with Blogger.  It thinks my password is wrong.  At first I thought it was a work network thing, but I have tried from home as well and encounter the same results.  I like Live Writer because of its functionality.  I have done some searching and can’t find any reason as to why it’s blocked and/or not working.  For all I know there is a feud between Microsoft and Google, it’s just strange that it’s worked for years and as of yesterday it just ceased to work. 

So now I either have to post live through Bloggers interface or type out in a blank word document and do a cut and paste.  I don’t have time for fancy formatting or to make font/color changes – all of that is done ahead of time on the fly in Live Writer.  All I can hope is that it’s fixed sometime soon and then life in the blogisphere can go back to normal.

The mailbox was full last night.  Bills, new debit card and notices about the work 401k.  I couldn’t get through all of it fast enough and get away from the computer at home for Momma.  She was anxious to get me upstairs.  She wanted more food like everyone else.  I took my sweet time.  They got their treat and I got mine (slice of pie).  Then it was time to pack my lunch and head to bed.  I had to carry Bear to the bedroom again.  He wanted to sleep with me but didn’t want to exert himself.  I have a feeling since I’ve done this twice that it will start to become an every night thing.  I really don’t want to lift and carry him, he’s not exactly portable.

I ate one of those Cinnamon/Carmel Rolls with my Oatmeal this morning.  It was good but I am paying for it now.  I am slow and sluggish – just want to go back to bed.  Ah sugar just like with everything there is a price to pay.  Sluggishness is only one of them. 

It was a nice treat when I got home last night to see that Lawn Boy was a day early. With the little rain we had yesterday, the lawn looks nice.  I set out the trash last night and that was it.  I’ve got him marked down so that come Friday I can send him money.  I could do it now but why rush.  Speaking of nice treats, I saw a nice shirtless guy last night running.  Man alive he looked awesome!
I am building a laptop at work for a guy that I have a crush on.  A while back I read that passwords typically contain something personal.  Like the name of your wife, daughter, favorite movie, something that is totally guessable.  This guy used his initials but mixed them up and then tacked on some other characters that don’t mean anything to me.  It was kind of awkward to ask him for his password, I just feel like a school girl when I have to talk with him.  He’s married and a co-worker so there are two strikes against him.  I think it would be neat to get to know him more on a personal level but since there is no chance of a future, that won’t happen.  He’s all business and seems focused on his job.  He is buried in work most of the time so there is little time for him to do anything else.  The laptop will allow him to work from home, plus he travels a fair amount. 

Today is a busy day for meetings but the phones are really slow, kind of expected since we had the holiday in there.  Some people take vacation and plus there haven’t been any changes in our environment.  Now this weekend there will be changes and who know’s what that will break.  Next week should be a little more normal.  I have a staff meeting to attend while I eat my lunch.  I hate those things because we never start on time, there is always someone late.  We easily get off topic and people go on and on about things that could be summed up in a few words.  Why our boss allows this is beyond me, but I get paid to attend in that I don’t have to take my time for lunch – so it’s a working lunch.  I hope there are no big changes in store for today’s meeting, really don’t want any stress right now.  Plus the signup sheet for the massage lady should be coming out today.  If I can get there in time I will sign up for an hour, love that length of time.

Thinking about eye glasses I checked out Warby Parker, they have a couple frames I like.  I was thinking if you mail order from them and need an adjustment, who’s going to do that?  Outside of that I think it’s a great idea and they provide a cost effective way of getting eyewear.  I am going to stick with my eye doctor because my insurance affords me discounts that is presuming he says time to change.  Hopefully, I can limp along with what I have.  I mean I am happy but I don’t enjoy wearing glasses despite the fact that I wanted them.  I thought they would make me look cool or sophisticated, I really don’t enjoy wearing them.  There is no substitute for 20/20 the real thing like nature intended.  It’s typical that once you turn 40 your eyes go downhill.  I enjoyed 39 years w/o glasses but that time is up now. 

Oh I had my BBQ last night and it was every bit as good as I remembered.  The big decision tonight is continue and have the left overs or switch for Mexican Food.  Friday unless something changes should be Lasagna & Cheese Garlic Bread.  I will be stuffed from that meal for sure.  I might not have a man but I think I am doing a decent job of taking care of myself and the children.  It’s not fun but I try to at least make some of it enjoyable. 

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