24 May 2015

How Does On Call Work?

Every position and every company that requires on-call handles it differently.  In my case you have to use your own phone.  We have a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy in place.  So I get reimbursed a stipend for the inconvenience of using my phone, every month regardless if I am on-call or not.  That stipend pays for my phone bill each month, so it’s like a free cell phone.

When your week of hell on-call comes around you get $100 for being inconvenienced during the week.  You get that regardless if you get calls or not.  Then each call you get, you can bill in 15 minute increments.  So if John calls and says I need my password reset and you fix it in 5 minutes, then you get another call from Sally who says I can’t get e-mail and you fix her issue in 5 minutes – you can only bill for 15 minutes.  If however you get a call at 2pm and fix them in 5 minutes – you bill for 15.  Then at 3pm you get another call, you start billing all over again.

It’s kind of madding to keep track of your time but after a while you get used to it.  I got a call last night and it didn’t require me to do anything but respond to an e-mail.  I am actually doing the work now.  While I was working on that issue I got another request and things got a bit hellish here.  It was from upper management and I had to get my boss involved.  So I was juggling and I am not very good at that.  However, I have call waiting turned off on both my home and cell phone so first caller wins.  Everyone else gets shuttled off to voice mail jail. 

Things have since calmed down.  Which is good for me. 



Last night Big Boy gave me a horrible scare.  I thought for sure it was going to be time to part ways.  He had to poop and that is not an easy thing for him.  Usually he just gets winded and out it comes.  Last night it wouldn’t come out so easily.  We started around 9p and weren’t done until 3a.  He was very winded and constantly straining.  Around 11p most of it came out and I figured we were done.  He was calm and breathing went back to normal after a bit.  Then he started in again and it was just bits here and there.  Mostly blood and mucus.  I started to think maybe he had a blockage but if he did then nothing would be coming out.  Since I skipped his pill he should have diarrhea but at first he didn’t then he did and well there was quite a mess to clean up.  Thankfully he is resting comfortably now.  That is the most he has been stressed since his bath a few weeks back.  No matter what I did or what I said I couldn’t get him to calm down. 

Now they say that cats have 9 lives.  While he hasn’t gone quite through all of them, the tally is starting to mount.  I pray that he keeps on going but I don’t want him to suffer.  If I see there is no quality of life then it will be easier to make a choice.  Right now his main issues are mobility, breathing and being kept calm so his condition isn’t aggravated.  I wait on him hand and foot – rotating his plate, making sure he is on a pee pad when he has to use the bathroom and bringing him water. 

This past week I switched treats to Cat Nip flavored.  I think that is what did him in.  So no more of that. Last night wasn’t a night where I got a good nights sleep but I figured I have today to nap, provided all continues to be quiet. 

I woke up around 6 and sprang to life.  Fed the children, got dressed and went out for Breakfast and Groceries.  Didn’t get much but managed to spend $70.  I need to go get cat food and fuel for the car.  I am debating if I want to do that today or if I should push it to tomorrow.  Kind of depends upon how the day goes. 

I started in with the computer when I came home, straight to work to get it out of the way.  I need to go back upstairs and get laundry and get it started. 

The movie I couldn’t recall yesterday had Steve Martin in it, he played a preacher and I believe it was called Walk of Faith.  It made me believe in God just a little less.  Movies like that stir up too many questions for me and I have a hard time deciding if I believe or if I don’t.  I just pray that I can make up my mind before it’s too late.

Between Amazon and NetFlix my weekend has been fully entertainment.  I am giving thought to cancelling Hulu Plus – I just don’t use it that much but then I think well it’s only $7.99.  Eh whatevs. 

No real plans for today just relaxing.  Tomorrow I will have to get with the program, like it or not.  However having an extra day to relax and be lazy well that is quite nice. 

I hope that your having a great weekend.  I shall talk with you all again soon.  Until then don’t do anything you can’t talk your way out of. 

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