25 May 2015


This was by far the quietest on-call that I have had.  I did get a few calls yesterday, one of which was a lady in a panic.  You would have thought I was a 911 operator by the tone in her voice.  She was freaked out that she worked all day and couldn’t save her work.  The old saying where there is a will there is a way came to mind.  I got her taken care of. 

Thankfully nothing overnight and then one came rolling in this morning to wake me up.  I didn’t have to worry about it because I wasn’t on-call anymore.  I got up around 8:30 and fed the children.  I came downstairs and remoted in to work to take my phone out of the on-call mode.  Then put back all of my normal settings on my phone.  Ah, it felt slightly good.  I wasn’t near as happy as I was the first time I was done but I am happy it’s over with for a while.  Then we do battle again, oh joy.

I sent a text to my friend that invited me over for BBQ and said that I wasn’t coming over.  It took a while but I got a response back about how he was thinking of my late partner.  Yeah, that was a really smart thing to send me, on a day when I am reminded once again that I am all alone.  Shit for brains!

After I ate breakfast I laid down and went back to sleep because I could.  Then I got up around 11 thanks to Gator and got a shower.  She managed to con me out of lunch so they got more food.  Then I went out to get them cat food and to go to the grocery store.  I picked up some Jack Daniels BBQ so that I could have a delicious meal tomorrow night.  I got a freshly prepared Mexican meal as well and couldn’t resist some cookies that I thought were lemon but turned out to be gooey butter cookies.  Also picked up some Hagen Daaz ice cream.  Ah sugar I love you, even if you are slowly killing me I still love you.

Came home put away everything and went out for gas.  Then I bit the bullet and headed for pie.  It was a nice trip.  I enjoyed going up more than coming home.  No police anywhere.  I got my car up to 110 and wanted to push it to see exactly how fast it would go but resisted.  I’ve never pegged it and doubt that I ever will.  Had a wonderful patty melt and then got some Hawaiian Strawberry Pie.  Click on the photo to get a larger view and see what all is in this wonderful concoction. 


If you were not hungry when you came here, you probably are now.  Sorry about that.  It was every bit as good as it looks.  So much so that I brought a whole pie home with me.  A slice goes for $3.99 and the whole thing goes for $13.99 - - expensive indeed but it’s yummy.  I also got 2 cinnamon caramel rolls just because I could.  They have been calling my name for a long time. 

Total travel time is 1 hour and 45 minutes each way, if you do the speed limit the whole way it’s more like 2 hours.  The limit is 70 mph and my average speed was around 75mph.  Except for the time I got up to 110. 

Came home and started to get the trash tamed and put the pie in the fridge.  Threw my covers in the dryer and it’s sinking in slowly that tomorrow will be back to grind. 

Last night I played around on my computer with a few different on-line dating sites, I left pretty much as soon as I got there.  I did a little looking but found that most of the same people are still looking.  Like it’s a terminal disease and once your single you will never find anyone.  I am starting to believe that.  While I wish Mr. Right would come along, I am thinking that maybe what I need more than anything is a larger and solid group of friends.  The question is how to make friends w/o someone thinking that you just want to hook up. 

Holidays drum home the fact that I am alone, as do weekends.  However, I try to get the most I can from my alone time depending upon what kind of mood I am in. 

Oh I did finally see Such Good People and it was awesome.  Will & RJ made there appearance in the group of extras at a party.  Scott Wolf was also in the movie and he’s cute as a button.  Only cost $4.99 to rent on Amazon but I had to dig for it.  Turns out if I would have just done a search it would have come right to me.  I’ve kept Amazon & NetFlix very busy this weekend and have seen a lot of great things.  Hopefully there will be more content to consume that I will enjoy. 

Well it’s almost time to go feed the muffins and shave, then it will be only a matter of time before I prep and will be fully ready for tomorrow.  I know it will probably be a busy day, but that will only make it pass by that much faster.  Having 4 days to work is kind of nice.  Then I have the count down to the 2 days I have scheduled for later in June - - they are still on the books.  I talked with my friend about going and meeting them at a restaurant but she told me that her son doesn’t want to make any plans right now.  So I am taking that as a no go.  I tried but didn’t succeed.  I am thinking of scheduling the garage door people to come out and replace the 2 bottom rollers just to get that out of the way, but honestly would rather use the time to try to get away and go have some fun, just not certain what exactly I am going to do yet. 

So there you have it holiday weekend complete and no more on-call for a while for this guy.  Now off to deal with the muffins and their meows.  Bear doesn’t know it yet but I got him some Tuna and that should put a smile on his face.  Hope you all had a great weekend and got lots accomplished.  I would say that I am well rested.  Of course tomorrow will probably change all that!  Take care and I will talk with you all again soon.

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