08 May 2015

Better than last Friday

I had my left over BBQ it was just as good as the night before.  Problem is that I didn’t have a lot of it left over so I had to indulge in some desert, but I didn’t go hungry!  The mail brought me a notice about changes in my HomeOwners Policy and how they are starting to cover less things plus the deductable for my roof went up because of the age of the roof.  There is also no longer included coverage for spoiled food due to a power outage, but you can add it back on for an additional cost.  Awesome, but not in a the good way. 

I got my Aveda Products and they all smelly lemony which I didn’t expect.  Used them all this morning and I can’t say they are anything special at this point.  I accomplished what I wanted to which was clean my hair and scalp, condition it and then make it shine. 

I took a slightly different route to work this morning, low on gas probably not a smart idea but I wanted to get my defective phone holster in the mail so that I can get my replacement.  I’ve got like 90 miles to go before my gas tank is empty, so long as that is accurate I will be fine.  I usually stop for fuel on the way home on Friday’s.  Then I let my car sit all weekend in the garage and rest up.  I use the truck for the weekend running around.  If the truck didn’t use so much gas I would use it more often.  I just don’t have built in Bluetooth so I have to wear my headset, which is kind of annoying – but I can still listen to my music and make/take calls.  I am mostly a music person but now and then the phone comes in handy.  I just know if there is an emergency I can’t seem to dial 911 fast enough because in the car I have to navigate through menus by voice.  It’s much easier to pick up the phone press 911 and send. 

I arrived at work around normal time and some how managed to get an awesome spot close to the door in the garage.  That has only happened 2 other times.  1st when we closed last year for the water main break.  2nd over the Christmas/ New Years holiday.  So I thought it was going to be a good day.  So far its been filled with boredom and a couple calls.  I am waiting for someone to call so I can go fix their computer, not sure if that will happen today or not.  1 meeting to setup for in a little bit and that is still up in the air.  Were at least closer to quitting time now than we were when I first got here.  So I suppose we can call that progress. 

Yesterday I drafted a document to bequeath specific property and say what I want to happen in the event of my death.  This list is specified in my will and if it doesn’t exist then all of my stuff goes to the executor and they get to decide what happens.  I want to make sure the children are taken care of, so I outlined what is to happen to them and how they are to be cared for.  I won’t allow them to be separated and have left a nice sum of money behind for their care.  Kind of wish I was one of them.  The best part of this is that I can make changes to the list at any time w/o having to rewrite my will, unless of course I want to change the executor, which right now stands to be my brother.  Unless I get someone special in my life he is it and honestly I really don’t want him to be in charge because I am sure he will fuck it up some how.  Plus he is greedy.  This is something that I have been meaning to do for a while and jut put it off.  Heck it’s still a draft it’s not legal until I print it out and sign it, who knows when that will happen. 

So my friend that has worked in a couple different positions last night was in a shambles.  She got screamed at and was trying to keep her composure.  She is going to ask for severance and if they will let her go.  I got to thinking about it and told her they probably won’t give you severance just because you are unhappy and despise the working conditions.  You can however resign and they can’t prevent that from happening.  Oh, suddenly a change of heart … I need an income.  I can quit my job.  Well then you have to find a way to work around the issues, have someone intervene on your behalf or at the very minimum complain to HR.  We don’t tolerate people yelling or screaming in our environment, regardless of their title.  Plus no one deserves to be treated that way.  One of the people she works for is older and yelled about something she didn’t do because well he forgot to tell her to do it, so of course it was all her fault.  Look my way of seeing this is if your going to yell and scream at me, then you better be prepared to get it right back.  My days of just taking it are long over.  That is the position she needs to be in.  Once she proves that she can and will bark back, then he will back down and treat her better not just on a temporary basis but probably for as long as they work together.  We are supposed to go to lunch today so that should be a fun time.  I am kind of at a loss for words and have no idea what she is going to say.  She is still kind of shaken this morning and it will only take the wind to blow the wrong way once and she will start crying.  Yeah I understand she is miserable but she holds the keys to change and there are a couple options.  1 is bark back 2 is quit and run away 3 is look for another job and just bide your time while your here 4 is go to HR and file a complaint.

On the home front I had to beg Marv to sleep with me last night and he only stayed for part of the night.  Bear came in on his own and we were together until morning.  I love going to sleep but hate the waking up part and starting the day.  Even if today was Friday it still sucked just like the 4 other days of the week.  The weekend isn’t so bad because the agenda is mine to make and if I don’t feel like it then it doesn’t happen.  Right now no weekend plans outside of the usual.  Perhaps that will change, perhaps it won’t. 

Nothing else of note.  I have to work on some therapy homework so that I am ready to go tomorrow.  If I go out for lunch then I will have what I brought for supper.  If I eat at my desk then I will be having Lasagna and a French Bread Cheese Pizza.  Sort of like Garlic Bread & Lasagna, at least that was the idea.  If I don’t have that tonight then I will make sure that it happens at some point over the weekend. 

Have a nice weekend and enjoy the time off and away from the problems.  Then we will pick up again on Monday morning and do it all over again.  Next weekend the Dentist!  Have fun and be well.

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