17 May 2015

Weekend Review

Friday…I decided to come home instead of grabbing a bite to eat first.  Traffic was a little heavy but overall okay.  I know that I ate something but can’t remember what it was.  I had to update my health information for my dentist visit, so I had to use the computer.  Plus earlier in the day I had to use a restore point because I couldn’t get Windows Update to work.  The Diabetes Software broke it.  I got that worked out on Sunday. That was pretty much the evening. 

Saturday… Woke up early spent a little time with the children, had breakfast at home.  Then time to go off and venture to the dentist.  It was raining, gloomy and very humid.  I got in and out in less than an hour.  No X-rays this time and no problems.  So a typical visit.  Afterwards I struggled with where to go to eat.  I found myself at Bob Evans.  I hadn’t been there in a while.  They boast about a new Grilled Cheese Sandwich with 5 types of cheese and it’s on Brioche Bread.  Well I’m here to tell you it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.  I did have a nice bowl of Broccoli & Cheese Soup.  The restaurant was crowded and it was very humid.  I couldn’t wait to get back to my air conditioned vehicle.  From there I went on to the Cat Food store.  I saw Mr. Lead Me On and I wouldn’t make eye contact with him.  I think he realizes that I am not exactly happy with him and for good reason.  Left there and got gas for the car.  Called and made a Haircut Appointment.  I did something drastic.  I pretty well have a shaved head.  I got as close to a High & Tight as I possibly could.  It’s a #2 on top and a #1 on the sides and back.  I shaved off my side burns and I look like a walking, talking, breathing egg.  I am quite happy with it.  This is something that I wanted to do for a long time and now there is no one to give me grief over it.  I can’t say that I will keep it, I guess it depends if I get a sunburn or not.  The new place I am going to has finally started to know me by name.  I can’t remember who I have interacted with but out of the blue the lady cutting my hair said, so how are your cats.  Wow never saw that coming.  I came back home after that and took a nice long nap with Gator on my chest.  She just loves to be the center of my universe.  Attention starved little girl.  For Supper I went out to Cracker Barrel.  Had some Grilled Catfish it was a great meal and I treated myself with Chocolate Coca Cola Cake.  Very rich, but good.  Then back home.  Where I worked on hammering out my anger to the vet in a letter.  I finally got it to the point of where I wanted it and then decided, let it go.  It’s going to do me no good and they probably won’t change anything.  So I saved it and moved on.  It did feel good to put everything down in a letter.  Therapeutic. 

Sunday… Woke up did the usual feed the cats, grab breakfast out and then I hit up 2 grocery stores.  Got some good food for the week ahead.  I purposely avoided all of the bakery and sweets that I usually get.  It was hard and I know I am going to be wishing I didn’t but I need to continue my quest to lower my sugar.  Prepping myself by enjoying my last day of freedom for a week.  Going on call tomorrow and like usual I am NOT looking forward to it.  I put all of the grocery's away and then headed out to look at new vehicles.  My taste seems to be $23,000 to $35,000.  I crunched the numbers and unless I get a serious raise there is no way in hell I can afford something like that.  Then again I was looking at the retail price and have no idea how much Wholesale is and what I’d get for both of the vehicles I would trade in.  I mean it could work out in my favor.  Right now I am just looking and thinking.  I want to jump but it’s not a smart move right now.  I need to make sure the Bankruptcy is settled and take some time to continue to save money.  I’ve got a decent vehicle with low miles and it’s paid for.  Jumping back into car payments will suck, worse than going on call for a week.  Yeah I know I would have a newer vehicle but it would actually be less fuel efficient than what I have now.  I am averaging around 37mpg but most of my driving is highway.  Ah well a boy can dream.

I worked in a nap today, even though I said I wouldn’t, I did.  Gator did her job and got me up in the right amount of time but I still laid there for a bit.  I have fallen for a new Netflix Series called Frankie & Grace.  It’s got Lilly Tomlin & Jane Fonda in it.  It’s fucking funny!  Check it out.  I am almost done with it but now I am hooked on another series, yet another reason to keep Netflix around. 

Last night I heard some Raccoon rumbling it was the first time in a long while that I have heard any noise.  I actually saw little baby Raccoons.  They are adorable.  I felt sorry for then so I put out two cans of cat food for them last night.  They didn’t get to it until this afternoon.  Momma is close by and there are 3 little ones.  Last time I saw Papa but this time he isn’t around.  This bitch keeps getting knocked up and raising little ones.  I should probably call Animal Control but I adore them and they aren’t hurting anyone.  They have done a little damage outside but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed.  My deck is the perfect haven for them – away from predators.  I snapped a photo and thought I’d share it with you.

IMG_1510 - Copy

This was taken from my kitchen and I am looking through the back door at them.  I didn’t get all 3 of them but you do get to see 2 of them.  I wanted to pick them up but realized that would be a deadly mistake.  The children inside were going nuts.  Now I think maybe that is why they have been siting at the backdoor because they hear them.  Not that they are looking for LB.  Who knows for sure?

Other news … I managed to replace the light switch in my bathroom Saturday afternoon.  I flipped it on last week and it made this strange frying sound and the lights have been flickering.  I figured that maybe it was a bulb about to die but that wouldn’t explain the sound at the switch.  I dug up a spare and swapped it out.  It’s easy as pie and anyone can do it.  My late partner was an Electrician by trade and he would do stuff like that all the time but with live power.  I am a total chicken and turn the power off to be safe.  That is not my forte so makes sense to be safe. 

I found a new on-line dating site.  It’s called Hinge.  You have to use your Facebook account to login and you have to give them complete control, if you don’t then you don’t get to play.  It looks at your social network of friends and their friends.  Then it looks at who else is using the app and presto changeo it connects you with friends of your friends that are looking for a date.  I found a local news station reporter that I never ever thought was gay.  He doesn’t strike my fancy, in fact only one guy did.  I saw profiles where people had edited their names so their last name wasn’t showing.  I wanted to do that but couldn’t figure out how.  So I wound up deleting the app.  Then I moved on and found a couple of others, they all turned out to be duds.  I then deleted all of the dating apps from my phone.  I know that tomorrow I will be going through withdrawals between sugar and looking for a man guess it’s a good thing my head is shaved so that I can’t pull out my hair.  I really want a guy but it seems like the more I look the more difficult the quest becomes.  Taking a breather is a smart thing to do.  I know I will go back and try it again.  Hopefully next time will yield better results. 

I have managed to make my way through trimming claws.  Gator is the last one for this week.  Then on Monday next week I will tackle Ruth.  Both of the girls are challenging and it doesn’t help that their mother screams at the top of her lungs with each and every claw I trim.  She scares the children and they are all shaking.  Yeah I know I have made mistakes in the past but I learned and I don’t take off that much.  It doesn’t hurt, unless of course your moving and trashing around when I am trying to cut and then an accident happens.  I have prevented anything from going awry thus far.  Hopefully Gator & Ruth both turn out okay with no problems. 

My arm is healing quite well.  I picked up another scratch yesterday on the same arm when I was rubbing Marvin’s ear.  He started scratching and made contact with my arm.  It hurt but once I start on his ears it’s a while before I can stop rubbing them.  He shakes his head and comes back for more.  I know as a child I had a serious wax problem.  I remember getting my ears flushed out at the doctors office.  It was one of the single greatest feelings I have ever experienced.  I was dizzy afterwards but the crap that came out of my ears.  I could hear better and felt much better.  Then afterwards I remember getting home and hooking up with my classmate.  So all in all that was a great day.  Point is that I understand it feels good.  I love all of my children (cats) and they know they have me by the short hairs.  Just ask and you’ve got me.  I may say no but if you continue to ask I will give in. 

Well that’s it.  Time to do some surfing and then back to the TV watching.  Nurse Jackie and Last Week Tonight w/John Oliver are both on tonight.  That mixed in with a double dose of sleeping medicine and the last night the phone will be in do not disturb mode should hopefully yield for a good Monday.  It’s going to be hella busy this week.  At least that is my prediction based off of some of the things I have seen come across my phone yesterday and again today.  Lord help me and make the weekend low call volume and cause Next Monday to get here in light speed.  Then I can return to normal and not have to worry about this until at least mid August.  Then I can have what I hope is an enjoyable summer. 

Hope it’s a great week for all of you.  Talk with you peeps later. 

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Jude said...

Weird, 2 days ago I finished a binge watch of Grace and Frankie! Great series, and the most hilarious part was when they were stoned on the beach. Cracked me up!