12 May 2015


Mr. Bear finally dried off.  He recovered okay and now can’t seem to stand the sound of running water.  I jumped in the shower this morning and he took off like a bandit.  He normally waits for me and is starting me in the face as I get out.  I guess the events of last night probably damaged that from happening, at least for a while.  Now I get the task of brushing him which I know he will enjoy, it is just taking the time to do it.  My arm on the other hand well it looks better than it did last night but you can still tell that something happened to me.  It hurts a little bit.  I have been putting moisturizer on it.  I am sure you will all say use antibiotic ointment.  Yeah I will get around to that tonight.  I wanted to try to head off the itches, which will get worse as it heals.  No one has said anything to me yet about it, but then again I haven’t really seen many people yet.  So if there is a next time I learned that I need to trim claws before bathing and even then probably wearing something with long sleeves is a good idea. 

The work day is moving right along.  Not quite as hectic as yesterday which is good and the volume is a little lighter, but I have a few tasks to occupy my time.  I am supposed to go out for lunch today, hopefully that materializes because getting out for lunch is healthy, even if only once in a blue moon.  The weather is very nice today and I probably won’t want to come back but I will.  Stuffed full of Pizza which will make me want to take an afternoon nap. 

Getting the mail today, perhaps there will be some good news in there.  Payday is at the end of the week, so I will be giving my money away Thursday night.  That is what I call paying bills.  Think about it you are willingly parting with your money so it’s like giving it away.  Makes sense to me. 

Supper tonight will be a frozen pasta dish by Bertolli.  It is some type of pasta bake.  7 minutes and there is dinner.  Portion size looks to be small but if I eat a big lunch then it will all balance out or so I think.

I filled the water for the first time in over a week.  LB sure did go through it.  I was able to carry this weeks litter to the curb with not much effort at all.  Normally it would be a small undertaking for me.  So now I am a little more mindful of what to look for and hopefully if there are any problems I can head them off.  I priced insulin for cats over the weekend and it really depends upon what type is prescribed.  It goes from dirt cheap to super expensive.  The cheap stuff I saw was pork insulin.  Never knew there was such a thing. 

Were back to mild temperatures and cold nights again.  That is all supposed to change but we are in for a rainy weekend again.  Today is the only predicted nice day so might as well enjoy it.  I felt pretty good last night driving home in the sunshine, plus the commute went way quicker.  This morning we had some delays but I made it to work much sooner.  Sunshine and everything is fine.  Anything else and it’s typically slow going.

Have a great day and I will talk with you peeps later. 

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