18 May 2015

Back at it

So I discovered more Baby Raccoons last night.  There appears to be a total of 5 but who knows if that is the entire family.  Momma keeps them pretty well hidden.  Last night she allowed them to frolic on the deck and they found the left over food, which they have made a mess of.  Marvin was the first to discover them and he sat at the window most of the evening.  When it came time for bed, I couldn’t pry him away from the window.  The adult raccoon was out and he wanted to watch that instead of coming to bed with me.  I got Gator to come in.  I don’t like sleeping at night with her because she makes noise when she thinks your awake.  However, I let her stay.  She comes in and starts out in the chair and then will move to the bed after I am asleep.  She stays at the foot.  She isn’t a snuggler like her brother is.  Bear came to bed early so he was all set. 

I couldn’t believe that Marvin wouldn’t come to bed.  However, when I saw more of them I was thrilled.  They look so cute.  I hope they all make it.  The adult is going to have to teach them how to hunt, I can’t support them with cat food.  That was just a kind gesture.  Now I need to either clean up the mess with the hose or wait for rain.  Leave it too long and well it won’t be pleasant.  Perhaps they will eat more of it while I am gone today. 

I am almost done with Grace & Frankie.  I still have the last episode to watch.  I just couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I also have John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight to watch.  So plenty to view on TV.  Hopefully that will help perk up what is an otherwise boring evening.  My only task for tonight is setting out the trash.  I have checked and Saturday & Sunday this past week were fairly easy days, hopefully I will get lucky and can say the same. 

Thus far for a Monday things are fairly calm and call volume wasn’t horrible like I expected.  I’ve got a new person who’s laptop has broken already.  I need to wipe it and start fresh but they don’t want to part with it until their work is done.  First I was told it wouldn’t be long now I am told it won’t be until way after lunch.  Okay, when I get it I will be sure I take my sweet time and not rush through it as I had planned.  I had a replacement machine hooked up and had to go undo that and get their laptop hooked up again.  I am not happy about it but it’s part of the job.  I do feel kind of bad that no one is able to fix what is wrong with the machine.  Not my co-workers, engineers or even me.  We have all given it a shot and no luck.  So wiping and starting over is the best.  Otherwise it could be days before it’s figured out and why waste time when you can cut your losses and reimage and be done in a couple hours.  That makes far better sense to me. 

Shorter hair means it itches a bit more.  I put in some Tea Tree Oil to help with that.  Hopefully it lasts all day long.  Looking forward as always to getting home and seeing the children.  I got everyone’s claws trimmed except for Ruth who gets a reprieve until Monday when I am off call and can devote time to her.  I am sure she won’t be thrilled about it but it’s necessary. 

Left over pizza tonight.  I had to get a replacement pizza cutter because the last one broke.  This new one doesn’t look like it will do much but it cut the aluminum foil.  It did an okay job of cutting.  It was a Tombstone Sausage & Pepperoni, I of course added extra cheese and it was really good.  I’ve got BBQ for one night and I picked up a Beef Burrito platter for another night.  Looking forward to some good food.  Sort of the reward of working for a living. 

That’s all I’ve got right now.  I hope that your Monday is off to a great start.  Talk with you peep later. 

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