03 May 2015

Cleaning Sunday

I had great plans to clean the carpets but I have managed to talk myself out of that.  I did vacuum, but had to skip my bedroom because the boys were in there.  When I was done, Marv raced down stairs as fast as he could.  He’s been there ever since.  He won’t come up until it’s time for treats.

The girls look at me funny when I put there food down first.  I always fed LB first, they would move in around him until there floor hit the ground.  Then I fed Bear.  Now that it’s only two cans of food, it’s quicker and well just a bit awkward at the moment.  I can’t bring myself to clean the table or the coffee table those were the primary places for him to hang out.  It feels sort of like I am erasing a memory.

I did some looking at LB’s medical folder and the first time we got him to the vet was back in 2010.  He’s been around since 2008 or early 2009.  I also saw the few times he was there he was always around 12 pounds, which was the perfect weight for him.  So like with Blu our time was very short, not unusual for an outdoor/indoor cat.  The outdoor part shaves years off of there life expectancy.

I have thought about getting another cat but I know it won’t be the same, there is no duplicating one cat.  Just like people they/we are all unique and are irreplaceable.  I really wanted more time with him, it’s just so unfair.  While I am thankful for the time I had, I would gladly have paid some money to get more time.

So on a different note, I went to the grocery store today.  The cashier remarked about how this was a light load for me.  I went through the store like a zombie, plus there was some stuff that I wanted they didn’t have.  In any case I told her about LB and we chatted for a bit.  I didn’t spend that much money there.  However, I had to visit the other grocery store to pick up Oatmeal and they only had 1 box.  I got lots of stuff that I shouldn’t have bought but did.  So between the 2 stores I spent close to $100.

I should be eating good this week.  I got some Jack Daniels BBQ Pork, Braunschwager, Freshly made refrigerated Chicken Fajita Burrito and of course a Chicago Classic Uno Pizza.  I had the pizza for dinner and it was pretty good.  Better than the last one I had.  I ate 1/2 and save the other 1/2 for another time. 

I checked my sugar after nap time today and it was 75.  That is a little low but still a very good number.  So my efforts are starting to pay off.  My stomach is still a mess and I suspect it will be that way for a while until my body adjusts.  I did purchase sweets but I’m eating them in moderation.  Who can go cold turkey away from sugar?  Not this guy!  Why torture myself like that – then go through withdrawals and then I would find myself at the M&M Mars Hospital for Sugar Attics.  Seriously though if you don’t get enough sugar your body can crash and it can have adverse affects on you.  I want to avoid those.  Sort of like with sex, let’s just skip all of the work and get to the good part. 

I really, really wanted to go to The Cheesecake Factory for supper but talked myself out of it, besides that once I got that pizza it was a done deal.  I will get there eventually and I am sure it will be a blissful experience when I do manage to make it.  It was either their or the local pizza place for Deep Dish Pizza.  Well the grocery store had the figured out for me. 

I am still doing laundry.  The trash needs to be wrangled so you might say I am running behind, but that’s okay it will all get done in the end.  I am just happy that I was able to wash my bed stuff.  Marvin will get his medicine tonight so hopefully he won’t puke all over the clean cover.

I managed to put flea medicine on Momma and that always knocks any cat out after about an hour or so.  She ate dinner and then I found her with her head in the plate.  Like she just collapsed.  She got some good sleeping on and then came running to me when she woke up.  As if to say thanks.  Now it probably won’t stop her from chewing on herself but my hope is that it will at least lessen it. 

Monday will no doubt suck.  Not only to I have to go back to work but there is a bunch of stuff to do and I will have to deal with all of the co-workers wanting to talk about LB and dealing with that.  So hopefully the day will move quickly so we can get it all out of the way.  I hope it’s a productive day and not crazy busy but just steady with simple issues and quick wins as I call them.  Things like password resets or machine reboots – nothing that I have to think too much about to solve. 

Nothing to report on the dating front.  I’ve been through all of the apps, as I do on any given day – multiple times.  Hoping and praying for a message and to meet someone but it’s a bust.  Too bad I am not looking for a hookup because I am sure I would have had a lot more opportunities.  Ah well I suppose my time will come.  I kind of wish that would be now but tomorrow is perfectly okay.  Do you hear me Mr. Sandman? 

Nurse Jackie and Secrets & Lies are my evening TV that I have to look forward to.  I will probably chow down on some Cherries Garcia as I would on most any Sunday and I of course will be thinking about LB.  He loved it when I gave him the carton to lick.  I also found a snapshot I took of him with the spy cam when he was on the table sleeping.  Glad I found that, I’ve saved it to my phone so I will have it forever. 

Last week was a fucking horrible week for me.  I hope that this week is far better and that something majorly good happens to change my mood.  Saturday I have a therapy appointment.  It will be the last time we meet in this office.  My therapist is moving so I will have to figure out how to get to the new place but thankfully I have my trusty iPhone and it will guide me.

The first full week of May.  Sunday the 9th is Mother’s Day.  I got my mom’s card for her today.  She doesn’t know it but the meal we had on Friday was her present.  No way would I try to pry my way into a restaurant on Mother’s Day.  Which means I might be having breakfast at home next Sunday.  I don’t know about your neck of the woods but here Mother’s & Father’s Day all of the restaurants are packed. 

C’mon good times, I am ready for you!  I bid you all a good week!


In memory of my LB.  Miss you buddy!

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