13 May 2015


Last nights mail brought me a new credit card.  This one contains the chip for greater security.  While I am all about that I am sad that at the moment I can’t have a personalized card.  I had sent in a photo of one of the cats and gave the card the nickname of the same cat.  It was just an easy way of keeping track of things.  The bank is working on being able to personalize chipped cards but for now, the basic card is the only thing available. 

So then I had the task of tracking down all of the recurring charges that post to that account, logging into websites and changing the card.  What I found rather odd is that NetFlix already knew that the cards expiration date changed and it was updated automatically.  That is nice but also kind of scary as well.  Every other site I had to manually update.  One site I can’t update unless I send an e-mail with my credit card details and since e-mail is NOT a secure form of communication I will just let the subscription drop and then re-subscribe.  Kind of a pain but better than taking a risk.

I looked at the lawn last night and with all of the rain we have had it looks like a forest.  Mostly weeds and very little grass.  It is in desperate need of being cut.  Hopefully lawn boy makes it there today.  If not then tomorrow we are going to have rain.  I just don’t want any complaints.  There is more than one yard in the subdivision that needs to be mowed.  Homeowners Association dues are due by the end of the month.  We have NEVER ever paid because it wasn’t until after we were in the neighborhood that it was disclosed that there was such an organization.  Had we known up front we would have passed on the house.  Since we have gotten by w/o paying I am continuing that tradition.  1/2 of the subdivision pays and the other 1/2 well we are the delinquents and get our addresses published in a newsletter that tries to shame us into paying.  We have also been threatened that the association will place a lien on our property.  However, we all know that is just talk the don’t have the money to file that many liens and they are using it as a scare tactic.  I just hate the whole mess of it.  The dues are very reasonable but since only 1/2 pays they have had a couple increases to make up for us slackers.  Despite that they are still reasonable. 

Bear is as clean as he has been in a very long time.  I saw him last night use the litterbox, which was awesome.  He is still a picky eater and cries out for plate rotates or different food.  He knows that he’s got me by the balls and that I will jump for him.  So I bitch but I still play along. 

Talked with a couple of friends last night and watched Tosh.O.  I wound up going to bed early and waking up again in the middle of the night.  Tonight I will be doubling up on medicine and that should allow me a full nights sleep.  It sucks waking up but even more so when you realize you have to go to work.  I also had very strange dreams last night, which kind of left me a little foggy this morning.  The house was once again chilly but that is only temporary.  It’s going to heat back up again over the course of the next few days.  Plus by the time I get home at night it’s comfortable.  I don’t think the children enjoy the cold too much. 

I did in fact go out for lunch yesterday.  I had a calzone and was stuffed. It had onions in it and they didn’t set all that well with me.  However, it was very good.  I enjoyed getting away and yesterday seemed to fly by.  This morning we are slow right now but I have already had a couple of bursts where I was super busy.  I like laid back but steady with simple things.  Complicated problems are never fun but oddly enough that is how I learn the most, even though I don’t like working with them. 

My arm is still messed up.  I put on antibiotic ointment and tea tree oil last night.  That helped a little bit. I still see red circles around a couple of the scratches.  That indicates infection.  It’s minor right now but if the circles grow or spread, then it’s time to get to the hospital because the infection is spreading.  I am keeping a close eye on it and think that I will be fine.  These are mostly superficial which is why I think I will be fine. 

So hard to believe that come Friday, May will be 1/2 over with.  Wow, the time is flying by.  I am not looking forward to next week since I will be on-call but it will probably fly by as well.  The weekend will be the worst part of it.  However, the following Monday is a holiday so that will be a nice time to relax and regroup before coming back on Tuesday.

Tomorrow is massage day and I am waiting for the e-mail to come out that the signup sheet is ready.  I need another power hour.  Depending upon what I am able to sign up for will dictate how much money I need to take out of the bank tonight.  It is always nice to look forward to a massage but that time seems to vaporize quickly.  Going for an hour seems to relax me and she gets me right to where I am about to fall asleep.  It’s like getting to the point of orgasm and stopping.  Its nice but it’s also a bit of torture. 

A friend of mine recently got a dog.  He was always a cat person.  Now of all of the things to name a dog he called this dog Winky.  I guess he doesn’t have a dirty mind like me or maybe he does and did it on purpose.  Anyway I can’t wait until the first time someone says to him I want to come play with your Winky. I personally don’t like the name.  This is a guy who made a move on me while I was in my last relationship.  I have thought about circling back and talking with him.  He identifies as straight but if he is so straight why did he play with my ass.  A truly straight guy wouldn’t do that.  I’ve got mixed feelings about it so I leave it alone.  That is probably for the best.  Starting fresh with a new guy and getting to know them – then moving from there.  I will say he was super cute, not sure if that is still the case now. 

So I am out of juice or should I say content to write about.  Guess I will call this post done.  Hope that your Wednesday is a great day and that that sun is shining in your neck of the woods.  Talk with you peeps later. 

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